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We are Jim & Amy Miller, along with our three boys - our younger boys are twins. After some pretty scary health issues for Jim & I, we had a wake-up call to begin making changes in our lifestyle and healthcare choices.


We are on a lifelong journey toward wellness and are creating a tribe of moms & families who are finding new solutions for their health goals & needs. In 2016, we felt like God was telling us to SIMPLIFY our lives. We weren't sure what that meant at the time but started seeking out ways to do that. In 2017, Jim decided to retire from his job to spend more time with family and support our growing business. We already homeschooled our boys so this opened up even more possibilities for us as a family.


In Sept 2017, we bought our Open Range 427BHS and planned to hit the road at the end of the year. Those plans changed as Hurricane Harvey hit our area in Houston and we made repairs to our home, renovations to the rig, and helped our friends in need. We were forced to SIMPLIFY. This was a fun, freeing, complicated, and messy process all at the same time.


We finally hit the road to accomplish a few goals: 

⍟ Simplify

⍟ More time together as a family
⍟ Explore the unseen
⍟ Support our team across the country
⍟ Meet new people!


It hasn't been without its challenges, but this has been SO WORTH IT! Thank you for following us on this journey of wellness. We invite you to join us in your own journey to wellness - in your lifestyle, healthcare, and your spiritual foundation. What has your journey been like so far?? We would love to hear from you!

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