Hi, I'm Amy!

During my 15 years in corporate healthcare I researched and poured into the lives of families with challenges like autism, auditory processing, ADD/ADHD, sensory concerns, learning differences, and much more.

I often felt frustrated by the standard care options offered to families. I felt in my heart that getting to the root causes of these children's issues was the best path, but had limited options available to help them find answers.

During that time my husband and I started our own family, through which I encountered my own personal health issues.

In finding my own answers, I found a variety of techniques and tools that would impact the families I had worked with in a more profound way.

As a researcher, I love to get to the root cause of health issues. I’m also a learner at heart and in working with my clients I lead with care and trustworthiness, (which is hard to find these days).

I am now on a mission to provide families with the tools and resources that help them deal with health challenges in their own home.

I show moms techniques that help them address things like stress, sleep challenges, and anxiety, while giving them access to resources that help them deal with support themselves while supporting their family.

Together we can identify the root causes of your family's health issues, create a plan for healing, and help you feel confident in your home & family again.


  • M.S. Speech-Language Pathology. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 1999.

  • Hanen Certification (Autism), 2004.

  • Symphony of the Cells™ application training, 2018.

  • Essential Oil Specialist Certification, 2020.

  • Phase 1, 2 & 3 AO Scan Biofeedback Resonance Training, Solex University, 2022. 

  • Certified Safe and Sound Clinician, Unyte, 2023.

  • Licensed Wellness Provider, Professional Wellness Alliance, 2023.

  • Certified Buteyko Restorative Breathing Instructor, Buteyko Clinic International, 2023.


"Joyce is a fountain of information and can really help people. Between her essential oils and her knowledge concerning green ways to manage your home, she is a real treasure!"

Liz P. (Peoria, IL)

I am so glad I found Joyce and MELT!!! I love how she walks us through each of the steps and customizes each class depending on the responses we give as we check in with our bodies. This has made a tremendous difference for me in how my body feels and moves!! Thank you Joyce!

Ronai B. (Minnesota)

"Thank you for coming to speak at Building Better Moms! Everyone enjoyed hearing you speak and there was a lot of buzz after! You inspired us!"

Amy Moele, Building Better Moms (Washington, IL)

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