DIY Deodorant That Passes the Houston Heat Smell Test

DIY Deodorant that passes the houston heat smell test

How many of you know that there are toxic ingredients in most store bought deodorants?  What is one of the toxins? This is not fear mongering or scare tactics - yet an awareness to something that you have the power to change! I'm going to show you WHY and how below....

In fact, I'm going to show you just how simple it is to make a DIY deodorant that even passes the Texas heat smell test - that's right!

But first, here is an Antiperspirant Fact Sheet. While there is still need for more research in this area, the less synthetic and toxic chemicals we expose our skin to, the better. And let's face it, sweat happens, but smell doesn't have to. 

Not a DIY-er? Don't worry, I've got an option for you too - stay with me. . . 
DIY Deodorant Recipe, Ingredient List and how to make

Where to find the essential oils we recommend and use in this recipe: 

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Watch the full tutorial here: 

Want a pre-made aluminum free, fragrance free deodorant?
Here are my two favorites:

and a baking soda free, sensitive skin formula:

If you need to detox while switching from an anti-perspirant, spend one week with my favorite detoxifying mud mask. It will do the trick!

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