11 Ways to Use One Non Toxic Cleaner in Your Home

Are you looking for a way to live a lower tox life with your cleaning supplies? I don’t have any commercial cleaning products in my house anymore. I wanted something that was better for my family and I didn’t want to worry about chemicals. But I also needed something that works. I have found both of those things in my dōTERRA OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner. I want to show you 11 ways to use this cleaner that has replaced a long list of cleaners in my home and it’s easy and quick to use - not to mention the amount of money I save with each bottle (see image below). 

You do not have to be a DIYer to make these cleaners. They are easy to use and faster than going to the grocery store. doTERRA OnGuard Concentrate is plant-based and safe to use around your whole family including your babies. There are no preservatives in it and the OnGuard blend is in each one of these bottles of concentrate. When using this concentrate, you can use glass spray bottles and there are some safe plastics you can use but I love to use glass bottles. 
So...  on to the 11 ways to use this cleaner:

1. Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Spray: Put 2 tbsp of concentrate into a 16 oz glass bottle and then fill the rest of the way with water. The cost: 47 cents per bottle. 

2. Hand Dishwashing Soap: Use the concentrate mix but also add a couple drops of OnGuard and Lemon Oil.

3. Fruit and Veggie Wash: Use the concentrate mix and spray your fruit and veggies to remove dirt and wax.

4. Floor Cleaner: You can use the concentrate mix on tile, laminate, cork floors, and hardwood floors.

5. Carpet Cleaning: Squirt a little bit of the concentrate directly on the stain and let it sit, or use your concentrate mix spray bottle on the area. I’ve also used it in my steam cleaner.

6. Tough Cleaning jobs: Use the concentrate straight on the problem area.

7. Cleaning Kids Toys: Use the concentrate mix and spray them down! 

8. Laundry Stain Stick: Fill a 5ml roller bottle with the concentrate and use it on your clothes.

9. Cleaning Makeup Brushes: Use the concentrate mix and add a few drops of Tea Tree oil.

10. Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Squeeze some of the concentrate directly in the toilet and brush it around.

11. Cleaning Wipes: You can get a container from Omni Wipe, add a half a paper towel roll with concentrate and water. You can also use these as hand wipes! You can watch a video on how to make these here

I challenge you to make the switch from your commercial cleaners to the toxin free dōTERRA OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate. Get started today and begin living a low-tox life.

Watch the complete video on all these recipes below.

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