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AO Scan: Let's Explore the Results!

August 03, 20237 min read

Created: August 3, 3023

Have you recently experienced an AO Scan Mobile introductory frequency session or you are intrigued about the process and results?

When you experience a session with scanning and optimization, an email is sent to you with the results - which is pretty mind-blowing! It's a lot of info and can be overwhelming, so here I explain what you're looking at and some ideas of what to do next.

During your frequency session, if it was a remote scan, we will have done an EZ scan and I would have prepped you to hold your phone in front of your ear to act as a bone conductor. Then, I counted you down to start the audio recording of your voice, starting with "I am [your name]"...

Below is a description of what is happening so if you want to see visuals of the scan

as it's happening, watch the video at the bottom of the blog post.

"I am Amy Miller" and I continue talking for ten seconds while the device is recording my voice and scanning over 2000 frequencies of my voice in tone, pitch and harmonics. It immediately goes into the Vitals scan and you can see the progress via the bars across the top as it goes through each scan - InnerVoice, Vitals, and Comprehensive. Based on the first two scans (InnerVoice and Vitals) the scanner decides which regions of the body (tissues, organs, muscles, arteries, etc) in Comprehensive need to be scanned... not just scanning, but optimizing those frequencies as well.

lightwave glasses

REPORTS -  You received an email(s) as soon as the scan was complete. When you open one of the emails, you can click the top link to view the dynamic version of the report - or you can view the individual reports and spreadsheets. I'm going to walk you through the attachments and then show you the dynamic version.

InnerVoice Report Example

INNERVOICE REPORT - This will show you what's going on with the InnerVoice and how it works (in video).

It shows what regions of the body are being affected by this imbalance, and it shows the color of glasses to wear while listening to the corresponding balancing harmonics. This is where you can use color therapy as well with the LightWave optical glasses.

The number one takeaway with the InnerVoice is to listen to the four recordings that were created. You can open it from the email with the mp3. Listen to these four recordings via headphones ideally, so you can listen to the tones meant for each ear, as well as the underlying matrix that your brain will synthesize. This is about bringing more emotional balance to your body, as well as addressing the root causes of some of the physical issues within your body. Listen first thing in the morning, right before bed or anytime you are feeling stressed or anxious.

If you were to have your own dedicated device with the AO scan technology, you can get a fresh recording first thing in the morning - as you know, our emotional states change on the regular - so you can get new harmonics everyday.

vitals report

VITALS REPORT - There will be a lot of information here. (on the video)You'll see "Previous Scan " on the right. That is what we ran immediately following the InnerVoice scan, it went into scanning the frequencies of your blood biology, your Vitals. When it shows the red areas as "out of balance", the device attempts to send the opposing frequency to the ones out of balance to bring them back into balance, or homeostasis. This is what shoes in the "Current Scan" column - what is in/out of balance, after receiving the optimizing frequencies (known as a Phase One flip in quantum physics). Most of the spreadsheet will show something "out of balance to "in balance".

Occasionally you will see something "in balance" to "out of balance". This is not something of concern, it is simply a temporary imbalance where your body is borrowing energy from one are of the body to support another area. Isn't it amazing how our Creator made our bodies?! The body knows when something is a bit weak and will redistribute energy and that energy will return within 12-24 hours.

Occasionally you will see something that is "out of balance" in both columns. This is something interesting to note. Not necessarily to be concerned, but educational in nature. We want to see if this is a temporary situation in the body or if it's consistent and needs further investigation. That is the advantage to using the AO scan mobile on a regular basis and doing them to see what is consistently out of balance and therefore, what do I need to address? Could my body use some extra support with chiropractic care? Supplements? Lifestyle shifts? Essential oils? Cleanse? Homeopathic remedies?

This report is giving you a lot of educational content on your body!

Meridians, Gastrointestinal Function, Nutritional Analysis, Hormone Balance, Toxins, etc. If you did not look at these reports and all you did was enjoy the scan and optimization - that's okay! That, alone can be very therapeutic and helpful.

COMPREHENSIVE REPORT- This one looks very similar. You'll see on the right "Previous Scan" and then "Current Scan" which is what you see after receiving the Optimizing frequencies. With the numerical columns here, Ideal/Homeostasis is #5. #6-9 is where the body is showing inflammation. #1-4 is where the body is showing diminished function. If you are reading this report, you want to pay attention to the #1s and #9s.

DYNAMIC REPORT- This report is the same information in all of the reports in summary form and it is interactive. You'll be able to see the harmonics that were analyzed and the spikes are overactive emotions and the lowest ones are the more suppressed. The notes are the supporting frequencies/balancing harmonics.

This report is also only going to show a summary of the things that STAYED out of balance, even after the optimization. As you scroll down, you'll see this condensed report of the Vitals & Comprehensive. Doing scans on a regular basis to see what stays out of balance and what comes back into balance can help you truly be the CEO of your health!

You can tap on the text in this report and, in most cases, you will receive a description of what's going on. Learn about your body - this is an educational device. Get into it and learn about what's happening inside your body. In the comprehensive portion, you can tap on the body outline and it will pull up a 3-D rendering of your body. You can see exactly where that part of the body is out of balance. You can scroll through the various layers of the body as well, with great precision.

This is not a diagnostic tools. This is offering you educational insight into what your body is trying to tell you. You may ask yourself, "What am I supposed to do with all of this information?"

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Pray. As Your Maker to bring healing to a particular area of the body or issue, if it's of concern. Pray over that aspect of your being.

  2. Use the supplements/therapy recommendations or request a supplement scan as part of your next scan.

  3. Pick 1-2 items on the Lifestyle suggestions to shift.

  4. Listen to your Balancing Harmonics via headphones during prayer time, before bed, morning walk, etc. Addressing the emotional root of physical issues can be very powerful.

  5. If you would like to take your results to your chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, you can do that as well. They will very likely appreciate the added insight into your body and it will help them provide a better service for you.

  6. Get a series of scans so that you can work with your holistic health practitioner to recognize patterns and what is consistently coming up out of balance. Frequencies shift regularly within the body so we are looking for consistent patterns before looking into something further.

If you are looking for more personalized support, help us get to know you here!

Watch the complete videos below:

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I help moms of children with special needs, return to joy by simplifying their everyday lives so that they can spend time making memories with their family instead of worrying over all the things.

Amy Miller MS, SLP

I help moms of children with special needs, return to joy by simplifying their everyday lives so that they can spend time making memories with their family instead of worrying over all the things.

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