Is Your Mouth Choking Your Health?

Today I am interviewing Dr. Felix Liao, a holistic dentist in the Falls Church Virginia area, founder of Holistic Mouth Solutions, and the past president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry. Dr. Liao is also the bestselling author of two books, Early Sirens and Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage. He also trains dentist to become airway centered mouth doctors. It’s his mission to bring holistic mouth as a natural solution to as many patients as possible through his training for dentist and other healthcare professionals. Today we are going to talk about the mouth’s role in our overall health and a little bit about how doTERRA plays a role in his life.

Below is a short excerpt from our interview. Be sure to grab Dr. Liao's bonus content for you to download below. 

Amy: Dr. Liao what is our mouth's role in our overall health?

Dr. Liao: Imagine a newborn baby. When it’s born it can hardly hold up its head. It cries, you feed it and it goes to sleep. This is the life cycle of a baby. This is how humans work. Eventually the baby grows and gathers strength to hold its head up, and eventually feed itself and walk. We develop from the mouth down to our feet. The plane in the mouth does not finish growing until age 12. In my book, Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage I refer to the impaired mouth structure and the jaws that are underdeveloped from birth to roughly 12-16 years old.  And if your doctor and dentist don’t know this connection between your airway and sleep, you'll be behind the a-ball the rest of your life.

Amy: As a speech pathologist I was blown away by your book and the connection between the mouth and our whole health. Do you find most people have this reaction?

Dr. Liao: Yes. Dentists are trained by schools to become tooth doctors. They are further limited by dental insurance to only do procedures on teeth and gums. But what happens when you snore, grind your teeth, have headaches, have one dental problem after another, what do you do? How do you get out of this viscous cycle? 

Amy: All of this stems from having a small home office for your tongue?

Dr. Liao: Yes. When your airway is occupied unwillingly by your tongue the oxygen is cut off from your brain and heart.

To view the full interview and with Dr. Liao and to learn more about holistic dentistry and how dōTERRA plays a role in his life please watch our Free Friday live video below.

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