What do Blood Sugar, Obstructive Sleep, and Mouth Breathing Have in Common?

What do Blood Sugar, Obstructive Sleep, and Mouth Breathing Have in Common?

What do blood sugar, obstructive sleep, and mouth breathing have in common? A whole lot! If any of the above issues are evident in your home, you are in the right place! And even if they are not, you will want to stick around, because we are also will be helping you connect the dots and discussing solutions for:

 - cavities despite good oral hygiene
 - teeth grinding
 - snoring 
 - and more!

Today I’m bringing you a special guest, Dr. Teresa Scott, DDS of Holistic Dental Associates. Dr. Scott is our personal dentist who we started seeing her six years ago when our family was seeking out more natural solutions and options for dental care. We found that our visit and exam was much more thorough than we had ever experienced with a dentist before.  

Below is a short excerpt from our interview. 

Amy: What is a holistic dentist?

Dr. Scott, DDS: A holistic dentist believes that everything oral is connected to your body. We recognize that there is a true and intricate connection between your mouth and the rest of your body. Dentistry is not natural, but I try to do be as integrative as possible.

Amy: You mentioned last month that you have made a paradigm shift in your practice in the last year. What does that mean?

Dr. Scott, DDS: Every year I commit to learning something new. Last year we started airway. Biological dentists are seen as "on the fringe", not mainstream. But we see ourselves as early doctors on the cutting edge. One of the things that has been happening over the last 20 years is that snoring and sleep apnea have become epidemic. Grinding, clinching, or gritting your teeth have become insane, almost everyone does it. In dental school they taught us those issues came from stress. 

That’s not the case. 

They also taught us receding gum lines come from brushing your teeth too hard. This is not the case either it comes from grinding, clinching and gritting our teeth. What is happening that is over the last several generations our jaws are getting smaller and orthodontists are pulling teeth to make room. 

It turns out the reason for these changes is generational nutritional injury

There is a book out there called, Pottenger’s Cats, it’s the work of Francis Marion Pottenger who studied the 14 longest lived societies in the world to see what they had in common. It turns out they had the lowest rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and all the modern aliments. But they also had straight, beautiful rounder arches, broad faces, they didn’t have gum disease, decay or cavities. He found out what these societies had in common was diets rich in saturated fats, probiotic foods, plant-based diets, and they ate lots of meat and healthy fat. They ate what they grew in their gardens in their regions and there were no pesticides. Look at what’s happening in society now. How many people do you know that have chronic problems or struggle with fertility? That’s where we are in our generation. This has been accelerated by all the toxins in our environment. All these things increase our biological burden and on top of that we are eating more processed foods. Pottenger discovered that it takes three generation to do the damage and nine generations to undo it.

Amy: Wow! Let's discuss this further and how we can fix these issues. Where can we get more answers?

To view the full interview and with Dr. Teresa Scott, DDS and to learn more about holistic dentistry please watch our live video below. 

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