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Your Mouth Will Say "Feliz Navidad!" With This Mexican Dish

Why does it always have to be the same food over and over? And why does it have to have spices I'm out of or have expired? 🧄🧅 Your body prefers variety in all things -- and I'm h...

Have a Tropical Holiday Experience in Your Mouth!

Right now you're longing for some time at the beach. If you can't get your family there, maybe you can bring the beach to your tastebuds. In this video, we're going to look at a ne...

DIY Deodorant That Passes the Houston Heat Smell Test

How many of you know that there are toxic ingredients in most store bought deodorants?  What is one of the toxins? This is not fear mongering or scare tactics - yet an awareness to...

How to Make a Great Smoothie (+Upgrade it with Superfoods)

Maybe you enjoy a good smoothie from Jamba Juice or your local smoothie place, but how can you make your own for less money? AND, have you ever been to the smoothie place expecting...

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