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Emotions, Anxiety, Focus
Pain; Ear, Head or Back/Knee/Shoulder
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Dental Health

"I have a son born early.... I was told he would be fine, but things may be delayed. Well, the kid ended up being a genius and remembers everything. But he is SO SO active and so unfocused.

I homeschool him because I REFUSE to allow my child to be labeled or medicated. Adaptiv (calming capsules) give us the focus he needs to succeed. It is truly life changing. 💕"

—Jennifer | Illinois, USA

Hey, I'm Amy Miller.

I've been using essential oils for 8 years and can't imagine my life without them. I didn't start out "crunchy", but after many years being frustrated with the results of my own way of doing things, I decided to try something new. My sleep, my kids, my life has been better ever since. I know they'll have in impact in your life and can't wait for you to try them!

My favorite oil lately, has been yarrow/pom. My skin loves it - and I love how it makes my skin feel.

woman looking out the window

"My hubby had hip surgery 5 yrs ago and is still in pain. I rubbed on Deep Blue (soothing blend) and he slept without any discomfort and woke up feeling motivated and great... We love you dōTERRA for our new outlook on pain management. He was skeptical about trying the oils so I waited til he was not sleeping well to drop it on him. BEST NIGHT SLEEP EVER."

—Gavi | Loomis, CA