dōTERRA Customer Survey


You are receiving this survey because you are a wholesale member of our dōTERRA family who hasn't ordered in awhile. Your health is important to us, and we hope to find out if there is anything that we can do to improve our advocacy for your wellness, to help you use the oils you purchased, or to simply learn so we can do better. 

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! 

Amy M, Melissa, Veronica, Jenny, Amy P, and all of the 3LifeEssentials Wellness Advocates, including yours. 💛

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1- not good at all
5 - I had an amazing experience.

I know how to use all of them.
I know how to use some of them.
I don't know how to use most/all of them.
* I'd like information about where to get a reference book/app made specifically for dōTERRA's oils.
* I would like to be added to The Essential Life Tribe Telegram channel for oil users.
* I'd like to receive text, email, or postcards with information about promotions and events.
* Please let me know about free members-only continuing education classes .
* I would like the links to dōTERRA's podcast, social media and webinars.
* I'm not interested in any of the above information.

New Abōde line of safe, effective household cleaning products for the conscious consumer
New essential oil-infused haircare products that are free of toxic chemicals
Nutritional supplement powders: greens, fiber, and protein
Essential oil-infused products for skincare and personal hygiene that are toxin-free
I'd like to know more about the new products that came out in September, including vanilla oil!
No thanks, I'm good.

I lost track of my dōTERRA account. Would you help me get back in?
Please contact me so we can talk about the oils I bought and how I can use them to meet my current needs.
I have some specific health issues I would like to get recommendations for.
I need help understanding how the Loyalty Rewards program works .
Please contact me so you can show me how my member account works.
I'd like more information on how to get dōTERRA's products at a lower cost.
I'd like to know more about dōTERRA's quality standards and what sets it apart from other essential oils.
I'd like more information about dōTERRA's humanitarian efforts around the world.
I'd like dōTERRA to give money to a charitable organization that is near to my heart. Please help me make that a reality!
I would like to be contacted for another reason.
I'm curious about earning some spending money sharing dōTERRA with others.
Logging Off: Is That Enough? Breaking Free of the Social Media Snag
Fertility, Pregnancy, Birthing & Beyond
The Epidemic within the Pandemic
11 Ways to Detox Your Emotions
An Owner's Manual for My Body
Holistic Health Coaching
Other Wellness Tools Outside of Oils

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