InnerVoice AO Scan

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Please fill out this form, one per person, to request a remote Inner Voice AO Scan.

  • The Inner-Voice technology uses a sound harmonizing technique that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum in humans to diminish frequencies that are in excess and supplement frequencies that we lack.

    The Inner-Voice records your voice and analyzes twelve note frequencies C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B.

    The Inner-Voice report will display three notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance (or over compensated) as well as the main octave that is being suppressed.

    The Inner-Voice reports will also generate the balancing octaves that can assist to create balance in the body. The report will include 4 audio files (MP3) that correspond to each of the balancing octaves outlined in the report. For maximum benefit, listen to these four audio files two to three times a day on your AO Scan device with headphones.

    To further strengthen your results, use the recommended colored ‘Lightwave Optical’ glasses shown on your report.

    You must first set up your AO scan profile.  This only needs to be done once per person.  Set your profile up here: AO Scan Profile Setup

    📌NOTE: You will need to provide a current audio clip of you talking for 12-20 seconds. In this brief audio clip, state your name, and then you can talk about anything else for the remainder of the time: your surroundings, activities of the day, or even just say your ABCs. Please limit background noise and speak clearly.

  • You will receive a text notification when scan has been done and the report has been emailed. No Spam. I want to make sure you don't miss your scan report. 

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