Full AO Scan Request

Please fill out this form, one per person, to request a remote Introductory AO Scan.

  • We want you to experience this incredible device for yourself! The AO Scan Mobile uses advanced quantum technology that allows the device to be used over the phone from anywhere in the world without the use of harmful EMFs or cellular.
  • Your Introductory Scan Includes:
1. Overview 
  • How the device works and the programs included.
2. Inner-Voice Scan + Balancing Harmonics
  • Explanation of how it works.
  • Detailed four-page report emailed to you.
  • Four personalized Balancing Harmonics MP3s that are uniquely generated just for you.
  • Balance your emotional state to support concentration, creativity, and emotional intelligence.
3. Vitals Scan + Optimizing Frequencies
  • Explanation of how it works and how to read your report.
  • Optimizing frequencies sent to you from the Innergy-Cloud.
  • Extensive report of the energetic state of your blood biology. Link to access emailed to you.
  • Harmonize the vibrations of your unique biological state.
4. Comprehensive + Optimizing Frequencies
  • Similar to an MRI on the complete body.
  • Optimizing frequencies sent to you.
  • Extensive report of the energetic state of your bones and organs.
5. SEFI - Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter
  • Your choice of two frequencies selected for your unique needs from these categories:
  • Quantum Reach - Affirmation Amplifier (30 options)
  • Quantum Frequency - Diseases and Ailments (450 options)
 $149 total

You must first set up your AO scan profile.  This only needs to be done once per person.  Set your profile up here: Set up Profile by Clicking Here

📌NOTE: You will need to provide a current audio clip of you talking for 12-20 seconds. In this brief audio clip, state your name, and then you can talk about anything else for the remainder of the time: your surroundings, activities of the day, or even just say your ABCs. Please limit background noise and speak clearly.

  • You will receive a text notification when scan has been done and the report has been emailed. No Spam. I want to make sure you don't miss your scan report. 

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