Ever thought about leaving social media?

 logging off: IS THAT ENOUGH? 

(Getting Free of the Social Media Snag)

For awhile now you have been thinking that getting rid of social media would be a good decision, but you've also felt like having an account was a necessary evil. You might consider logging off for good, but first you have questions that you just can't answer. Like...

How will I keep in touch with my friends? 
What if I use it for my business? 

Join me for this GUIDED Workshop (recorded)

Simple Steps to Getting Free From the Social Media Monster 

Time and again science has proven that people who leave social media are happier and less likely to fall into anxiety and depression. But this isn't news to you. 

If you got off of social media, what kinds of things would you miss out on? 

The average person spends 1 hour and 15 minutes on social media every day. What could you do with the extra time? 

What are some of the privacy concerns that I should be aware of? What do social media sites like Facebook and Instagram (and Google) do with my personal data? Do they track the things I'm doing on my phone even when I'm not using the app? 

Maybe you are similar to many people who think they would be able to get off of social media if someone helped them walk through the process. 

During this GUIDED workshop you’ll: 
  • An understanding of what your time spent on social media is doing to you
  • Learn what you could gain from getting off the social media cycle
  • Fully understand what tech companies do with your info and why that's a problem
  • See that logging off isn't enough - you must permanently delete your account
  • Be able to replace FOMO with JOMO
  • Learn how to delete your accounts without losing your data
  • Be inspired by Stephanie's story of leaving social media almost two yrs ago

Total Value $97
I'm making this available to you for only $17. 💛

As a bonus for joining me, you'll receive a video guide walking you through the process of deleting your accounts without losing your data


✔️ You are committed to aligning yourself and your family with companies that align with your beliefs this year.
✔️ You have this nagging inside that you need to leave Facebook or Insta, but aren't quite sure how to break the strings. 
✔️ You love the connection you have with friends on social media, but can't stand to fight the algorithms.
✔️ You find yourself logging on less and less, but keep your accounts to check in occasionally
✔️ You are a business owner that feels stuck on social media, feeling like there are no other options.
✔️ You've tried to leave social media before, but the FOMO gets the best of you. 

Thinking of friends to share this with? 
It's always better when you have a buddy to jump off the cliff with, right?

When you refer one or more friends to the workshop and they register as well, you BOTH will receive a customized set of subtle energy frequencies to support you in your new social media freedom - stress free, full of abundance and gratitude! These will be sent to you for 30 min/day for one week following the workshop. 
To learn more about this frequency device and how it can help you, click here.

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About Your Presenter

After spending many years artificially connecting with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram, as well as fighting algorithms, Amy began to take a hard look at the benefits and trade-offs. Then, a year later, after struggling with ads and other obstacles with building a business on social media, and seeing the damage done via tracking data and more, she realized more action needed to be taken. 

After consulting with a friend and digging for solutions, Amy finally fully disconnected the ties of social media in October of 2021. 

It can feel overwhelming to feel that check in your spirit, yet not fully see a way out or the steps to take. I get it. I've been there. 

As a researcher and learner at heart, I'm sharing with you the exact mindset shifts and steps I took to break free of the social media snag and fully live in the Joy of Missing Out. 

Join me in JOMO!

photoAmy O Miller MS,SLP
Wellness Advocate & Holistic Health Practitioner, 3LifeEssentials