3 Reasons Why Making the Most of Your Time is Stealing From You

You have a lot going on. Your efforts to add more time in the day, or to make better use of the minutes you've been given, have been SUCKING THE LIFE out of you.

Today we are going to learn why your efforts to "make the most of your time" is actually hijacking your happiness, and your struggle to be more efficient is plundering your passion.

All our lives we've been taught that we have 24 hours in the day and that we should find ways to get more use out of them. But what if I told you that this way of thinking is a lie and that you've got more time than you'll ever need to accomplish everything that's important to you.

As a passionate mom, you want to do more than just "survive" from day to day. You want to be a difference-maker. You want to build something that matters with your family and with your business. But finding new ways to "Get Things Done" is like squeezing water out of rocks.

If you are ready to learn some simple ways to be more proactive with your time and turn it into an asset instead of liability then let's get started.

Jim's mom has some pretty famous quips. Honestly, she kind of reminds me of that grumpy old lady on those greeting cards. What's her name? Maxine, right?

One day, Jim was lamenting the fact that he wasn't as fast as some of the other kids (like his brothers). His mom looked up at him and said, "You want to know the secret to running faster? I'll tell you the secret."

Then, moving her two fingers like they were legs, she said," Move your legs faster."

Thanks for that incredible insight mom.

As you can imagine, Jim didn't get any faster that day, despite the great advice. And in the same way, I'm sure you've had people tell you great ways to get more minutes out of every hour in your day. But, the dividends aren't always in line with the greatness of the advice.

I bet if you looked at it, the people that are telling you how to get more stuff done are ones that always got a lot of things done. So when they share their system, it's very likely stuff that you've already heard, and it might not really work the way your brain works. In other words, it didn't really work for you.

So when we look at how to get more time out of the day, we're focusing in the wrong places. Tomorrow is going to have 24 hours, just like yesterday. Unless, of course, one of those days is during a time change. Regardless, there won't be much of a difference.

What, then, are the three reasons? I'm so glad you asked.

Reason #1:

You can't create more hours in the day.

Despite using all the tricks, you will never be able to create a day with 27 hours. Every attempt to cheat the day and get more out of it is bound to result in your frustration.

While there are certainly some tips you can use to be more efficient and effective with your time (remove distractions, regularly scheduled breaks, batching your tasks, etc.) time is a finite resource and it won't be manipulated.

To get the most out of your day, and to stop stressing so much about it, you've got to give yourself a little grace in this department. But there are some things you can do to help you along the way.

Reason #2:

Unrealistic expectations

Your desire to get the most of your time is laudable. But it may be the case that you aren't being honest about how you're spending your time. How much time do you spend responding to emails and texts that don't really make much of a difference? How much time do you spend on social media... REALLY? How much time do you spend trying to remember what you're working on?

I live my life by my calendar. It's honestly a place I write my schedule, my task list, places to go, and things to do. It's where I plan out my life. But the calendar is also a GUIDE. When I'm scheduling things I've got to be honest about how much time it takes to accomplish certain things, and how much time it will take to transition between 2 tasks.

Let me give you a real-life example - the recipes you find online or in a magazine. Part of the recipe is how long it takes you to cook the meal. But in my experience, those times are NEVER RIGHT. I've started to believe that those magazines start their timer AFTER the food has been gathered, and any dicing or cutting has been taken care of. In other words, it's going to take you longer to cook the meal than they said.

In the same way, there are some things that you are doing that take longer than you've allowed for them. It may be because it takes you time to transition to the new task, or maybe it's because the task just takes longer than you want it to. It's really important you find out how long it takes you to do something and schedule your time accurately.

Reason #3:

It's not about discipline, it's about passion:

As my mom was known to say, you find time for the things that you think are important. So, what do YOU think is important? What are you passionate about?

Before we get into it too much, stop beating yourself up over the fact that you spent the five minutes between cooking your dinner and eating it sitting on the couch scrolling through your Instagram feed. It's time to acknowledge the elephant in the room - it's healthy to have some periods of relaxation. Giving yourself a break every now and then is a good thing. However, when you've got 30 minutes free (I know, you don't have 30 minutes free, but work with me on this one), If you HAD 30 minutes free, where does your mind wander, and where do your feet lead you? If you aren't passionate about certain things you'll never find the time to work on them. But on the other hand, if you are passionate about them, you'll MAKE the time to get them done.

I distinctly remember our lives about 8 years ago. We had a very active 3-year old who'd already quit napping, and a pair of 6-month-old twins in the house. Free time was NOT something we dealing with. But we had a passion for starting a business that would help people with their health, and that's exactly what we did. Every free moment, and some moments that weren't free, we spent working on our business. A few years ago that business brought my husband home from his full-time gig, and today that business pays the bills and allows us to roam around the country living in our RV.

What are you passionate about? If it isn't the things you're trying to get done then you need to shift your approach to that task or it will eat you alive. In other words, find a reason to be passionate about the thing you've got to get done. I don't know anyone that is passionate about cleaning toilets, but are you passionate about having a beautiful and inviting home? Then you can imagine that task is part of a greater purpose.

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