3 Unexpected Ways to STRESSless After COVID

Updated: Apr 12

Stressors are a given in your life right now. But, how are you managing those stressors? Maybe some not-so-healthy ways? There's only so much wine. 🍷

What if you could have more than....

"just breathe" 👃🏻

"get a massage" 💆🏻‍♀️

-or- "get outdoors" 🚵🏻‍♂️🏞

for answers? Yes? That's what I'm going to help you with TODAY.

Today I'm going to give you 3 very powerful and unexpected ways to stress LESS right now during these strange times. 🙌🏻

What are your biggest stressors right now?

You need more than just #selfcare and getting outdoors. You know those can be helpful, but some of these days are just plain CRAY-CRAY. I hear you. I've spent several years researching and finding SIMPLE ways to handle stressors in healthier ways. I'm talking SIMPLE. If this busy homeschooling, successful business owner mom of three boys can do it, you can too. 

You need real tools that can help you in the moment.


Actually, like yesterday.

  1. Be Prepared - Begins internally so you must start internally. Last year we talked about Immanuel Journaling. It's a way of journaling that may not help you right in the moment but it will help you be prepared internally as stressors arise. It helps you become aware of God's compassionate presence in the painful moments as well as in the mundane, every day simple moments in your life. A key component is that you also share it with another person. Another thing is using essential oils automatically. Whether it is a diffuser or directly from the bottle. I would suggest Bergamot or Frankincense. This is especially helpful in getting you connected to your Creator. If you are feeling exposed you can diffuse On Guard to help you feel protected. Or if you are just feeling frazzled grab the Adaptiv blend. This will calm your emotions but keep your mind focused.

  2. Protect Yourself - Number #1 to protect yourself is to get on or stay regular with your daily supplements. If you aren't taking high-quality, whole food supplements, the time is NOW! Your body needs those additional essential nutrients! Mine help me feel more energized, help you sleep better and have a stable mood. All that leads to a stronger immune system. When you have a stronger immune system your body can protect you and respond to threats! You don't need to rely on a vaccine to get well. You just need to get yourself well. For additional support, you can add on additional things to help you like Adaptiv and the Adaptiv capsules. The Adaptiv System's (oil, roller & capsules) key components are neurotransmitters. So in order for you to experience mental wellness aka deal with stressors in a healthy way you need healthy serotonin levels and GABA. You also need alkaloids and fatty acids to support healthy serotonin levels, healthy brain function, and GABA. The Adaptiv Capsules literally help you adapt to stressful situations. They contain essential oils, some flower seed oil and GABA. The oils help you adapt and regroup with topical and aromatic use. They are an impactful system!

  3. Respond with Confidence - Use a calming app like Headspace, Calm, Soulspace or my personal favorite Adaptiv. When you combine your oils with these you will find you are calmer and more confident in dealing with stress. These are all daily use apps.

Which do you need more in your life to deal with the stress - PREPARE, PROTECT, RESPOND?

The Protect Kit will boost your immunity and help clean your surfaces. It includes the Petal diffuser, Bergamot, Purify, Tea Tree, On Guard and On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist.

The Respond Kit will help reduce stress, open airways and boost your immune system. This kit includes, Breathe, Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemon, Copaiba, Lavender and Adaptiv.

If you are ready to get started reach out to the Wellness Advocate that you have been working with.

When you get your membership kits, we'll be sending you a bonus ebook that's packed with practical ways you can start using your oils right away. That's our gift to you. As always, those you become part of our community and get access to our private Facebook community, access to our online Oil Camp (a community favorite) so that you can learn more about using your oils and our weekly continuing education series.

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