Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Moms. We've all had one. And now you ARE one.

Is it hard to express gratitude to your mom, or mom-like figure? What could you possibly do to honor such an amazing woman? Or maybe it's hard to express gratitude FOR her because you feel like she doesn't deserve it?

Today, I'm imparting 3 things to you, that I learned from MY mom. My hope is that it will help you (1) express gratitude to yours AND (2) to see how to be a mom-like figure in someone else's life.

Where are you on a scale of 1-10 with expressing gratitude to your mom or mom-like figure?

1 - I don't have either one of those or don't feel like she deserves it.

10-My mom is my best friend, we talk everyday and she knows my gratitude for her.

The mom in your life has her own quirks and yes, she may push some of your buttons, but let's talk about some simple ways we can express gratitude for the part she played in making you the person you are today.

My mom celebrated her first birthday in heaven yesterday. So this is a topic that has been heavy on my heart for a bit. She was a woman full of passion and great desire to leave a lasting legacy for years to come by making an impact on lives around her. SPITFIRE, WOO, COACH, CHEERLEADER, STORYTELLER, FEELER, JESUS LOVER - These are words used to describe my mom. What about yours?

Here are some simple ways you can express gratitude to your mom or the mom-figure in your life.

#1 Give a gift that can't be taken away.

We've all been there before with those more embarrassing moments with your mom. Maybe it was your mom showing up at school flying a giant purple homemade "Christian" flag on the car, or maybe it was her grabbing a stranger's hand and praying for them or saying things that should have never been said -- in PUBLIC -- OR maybe it was something much worse, something that left a real scar. To be a little raw here -- you felt like you had something taken away from you. Some actual battle wounds that made you hurt.

Whatever it was, all of us have had a moment when we thought, " I never want to be like that!  or I will NEVER be like my mom!"

But friend, please hear me on this, even the things your mom did that drove you crazy, shaped the direction of your life in a positive direction. So let's put on gratitude that her personality helped you become stronger, kinder, more in touch, more stable, more in touch, or more resilient. Whatever it is that she did helped make you the hero reading this today. So let's take a minute to reframe those thoughts and cover them with gratitude. Give a gift that can never be taken away.

#2 Give a gift that lasts.

Are you a flowers on Mother's Day person? I'm not really a flowers as a gift type of girl. I enjoy flowers, but not as a gift, mostly because they die in a few days - they don't last. So, my mother would be honored if I shared one of her favorite gifts and those are flowers that don't die quickly AND they do more for your body than just smell good. I can't share today without talking about essential oils. They came into my mom's life when she was tired of all of the chemical concoctions being thrown at her and the side effects of it all. God brought them into our lives like little gifts, but they were oh so powerful and they changed her life in a dramatic way.

Her favorites were these powerful and precious essential oils and absolutes - Rose, Magnolia, and Neroli and my personal favorite - Jasmine. I say they are precious because they take many petals and plant material to produce small amounts, making it hard to get your hands on them. Powerful because these particular species of flowers, grown in their natural habitats of Bulgaria, India, China, and Egypt, allow them to have powerful benefits on the mind and emotional state, as well as physical health benefits - bonus! I personally like to wear them as perfume.

Magnolia (my mom's personal fave) - sweet, floral, fruity aroma - known for its calming and sedating properties; your Magnolia will be helpful for calming anxious thoughts and keeping healthy blood pressure levels

Rose - floral, spicy, rich, green, almost honey-like - known for its aphrodisiac properties, but also with skin irritants, scarring, and more concerning skin threats.

Neroli - floral, citrusy, sweet, delicate & slightly bitter - known for helping to bring emotional balance and calm stress, but also works at the cellular level to help shed the old skin and stimulate new cell growth!

Jasmine (my personal fave) - sweet, floral with fruity/herbal undertones - known for its aphrodisiac qualities as well  - known as the "queen of the night" As a cologne or perfume, it increases feelings of attractiveness.

If you want to give these as a set or buy them for yourself, you can get the Precious Petals Mother's Day collection from doTERRA while supplies last. It is $68 wholesale for 4ml roller bottles of each flower, and also includes a brand new absolute, Blue Lotus from Southeast Asia. I don't know much about this one yet except that it's a rare oil and Egyptians believed it helped you have more vivid dreams!

These are great to layer together with Frankincense or Vetiver, Sandalwood - to create your own personalized perfume. Give a gift that lasts.

#3 Give a gift that is powerful.

In the greatest, most popular book ever written, it says:

"The weapons I fight with are not the weapons the world uses. In fact, it's just the opposite. My weapons have the power of God to destroy the camps of the enemy."

The weapon it's speaking about is PRAYER.

If you want to show your mom that you love and appreciate her then pray for her. But you can also take it a step further and pray for the things she loves - the things she thinks are important.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1 - Thank God for families. Over and over we see that family matters to God so we can thank him for that.

2 - Pray that your mom would enjoy a love for God. Children are a priority, but not first priority. That's God's place.

3 - Pray that your mom would enjoy time to teach others. Parents have a responsibility to teach their children, even if they are grown.

4 - Pray that your mom would enjoy whole-life devotion to God. Bringing Jesus into every aspect of family life, and not just a Sunday morning moment.

You can pray these over a mom-like figure in your life too.


you can do what I'm doing - I'm praying for the things she cared about, her husband (my dad) and her grandkids. If my mom said she would pray for someone, it was not an idle promise, it was genuine. You could count on it. She took it seriously. She constantly had notecards filled with the prayer needs of others and she actually prayed over them diligently.

One thing my mom was constantly praying for was CHILDREN. My mom deeply cared for children and their development and growth in Christ's love. She nannied for many years, she taught bible study classes, and she invested years of her life pouring into children, including my own.  She spoke life into high school girls' lives, even until her death. Every time I pray for a child I am honoring my mom's legacy. It's something she was passionate about, so it is something I am passionately praying for.

My mom always carried around Bible verses that helped her pray over children. She would print them out, laminate them, and give them to friends and other moms. She must have given out hundreds of these over the years. As my mom was praying over me, and later my boys, those minutes were, just like the great book said, pounding away at the camps of the enemy surrounding our boys. You can do the same thing over children in your own life and give a gift that is powerful.

You have until May 10th for Mother's Day, but why not start now? Which one(s) are you going to take action on today?! Tell me below. I love to reward those who take action...


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