An Insightful Way to Quickly Earn Money From the Passenger Seat of Your Car

Updated: May 24

Adventure is calling you, but you're just not sure how to support your family financially while spending more time traveling. Where are all the ideas to get your creative juices flowing???

I got you again, friend! This week, we're hanging out with over 30 different families who are making it work while on the road - some part-time and some full-time, but all of them working it out. And, guess what? I'm going to share their ideas with you! 💡

I hear you - I know you got skills and they are valuable. And I also know you want to spend more time with your family creating memories and having experiences that last a lifetime, rather than spend time accumulating more....stuff.

Are you ready to gain some inspiration and insight into how real-life families are making this work??

As you read through some of these stories from our friends I want you to begin to see where some of your gifts and abilities might line up with one of these mobile income sources.

Margie & Allen Lundy: 11 years on the road. Grown children. We had a scrapbooking graphics business, were eBay power sellers, and now have been 5 years health coaching. Most people don’t know how to lose weight or get healthy, so we make it easy with great support and a proven plan. We’ve been health coaches for 5 years and love helping others feel great. We’re not just changing lives, we’re changing family trees!

Julio & Maggie Macias: 3 years on the road with 4 kids - part-time. They support their family through Maggie's travel nursing!

Peter & Greta Rondeau: 16 months on the road - have 2 small children, traveling full-time. They have a business called Sweet Adventures - selling coffees, slushies, and fudge out of their 5th wheel. What is their advice to you? Don't do something you hate!

Logan & Kristy Sunday: 2 yrs, traveling full-time - have 4 small children. They do Social Retailing and Financial Coaching and Mentoring to support their family while traveling. What is their advice to you? Just take the leap, it always works out! When there's a will there is a way!

And, of course, our family - Jim & Amy Miller: 3 yrs, traveling full-time and we have 3 boys. Our main business helps families find natural solutions for their everyday needs so that they don't have to worry about all the things. We also help therapy practice owners and business owners return to joy by setting their business apart from the others with legal support for themselves and their employees, as well as providing additional streams of income that complement their services. Looking for more travel adventure in your life - whether it's 14 days or 14 months? Join us here!

Here are a few of the other jobs we've got friends doing:

  • Professional bloggers - two of the families here support families dreaming of making the leap to full-time travel by blogging about their adventures as well as the things they do to make their travel experience work

  • IT - this makes sense. Computer people have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to working remotely. More than one of the families here work for large corporations, helping maintain their web presence.

  • Website building - one of the families serve clients that need websites built as well as helping them with marketing tools

  • Mobile RV Repair - technically our friend hasn't started his company, but he's working on his certification as he attempts to repair a back that was severely damaged in an explosion. Once his certification is complete he will begin drawing clients.

  • E-health - two of our friends work on the billing side of medical records. This is something you can do remotely almost 100% of the time because they are working contracts for multiple hospitals.

  • Accountant - our friend is an accountant that has been able to negotiate her way to living on the road except for a period of time in November when the company does a physical inventory.

  • Carnies - you heard that right. They travel to state fairs around the country selling pizza and beer. This family also has a "side hustle" providing legal support & ID monitoring for businesses & their employees

  • Insurance - one of our fellow campers helps people protect their property and their finances by making sure they are properly insured

  • Real estate/Air BnB - more than one of the families here buys properties in locations they like to vacation, then they renovate the properties and put them on the vacation rental market through Air/BnB or VRBO

  • Photography Touchups - one family helps out busy photographers by helping them retouch photos as a service to their photography business.

Tell me which of these jobs resonates with you. Is one of them similar to your current job, that you didn't think you would ever be able to do on the road?

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