Autism Awareness – 1 in 59

In honor of Autism awareness month, I want to share with you twelve facts about Autism along with three things that parents of children on the Autism Spectrum want you to know. I will also provide you with resources and seven tools that can help a child with Autism.

12 Facts about Autism:

1. Autism Spectrum effects 1 in 59 children

2. Autism Spectrum is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the US

3. The earlier that Autism Spectrum is it diagnosed and treated the better the outcome

4. Early behavior-based interventions have many positive effects with children on the Autism Spectrum

5. Having a child on the Autism Spectrum costs a family about $60,000 a year on average

6. Individuals with Autism Spectrum have communication deficits

7. Individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder may have other diagnoses as well

8. Up to 1/3 of people with Autism Spectrum disorder all have seizures

9. There is no Federal requirement for providing support in adulthood for individuals with Autism Spectrum

10. Many people with Autism Spectrum disorder are successfully living, working and contributing to the well-being of others in their community

11. Autism Spectrum disorder is not degenerative they can continually improve

12. There is no one cause of Autism

3 Things that parents of children with Autism Spectrum want you to know:

1. Once you’ve met someone with Autism, you’ve only met one individual with Autism. Each person with Autism Spectrum is unique they differ from one another just like you and I do. That’s why it’s called an Autism Spectrum.

2. My child may be non-verbal, but they have a lot to say. Our society is not equipped for non-verbal people. 1/3 of people on the spectrum cannot speak. Some learn to communicate through sign language or devices.

3. We are incredibly lonely. They are with their children 24/7 and will be for their whole lives.

7 tools to help those on the Autism Spectrum:

1. DDR Prime- This is a blend of 9 oils that are helpful in renewing cells. You can apply these on the feet and up the spine daily.

2. Frankincense- Supports cells, you can use it with DDR Prime.

3. IQ Mega – Mega 3s are great for cognitive, attention and focus.

4. Serenity – Restful complex that help with sleep and calming.

5. Balance- A grounding blend that is calming to the central nervous system.

6. Fidget Bag- A tactile bag to help with busy hands to help you stay focused.

7. Turmeric – Accelerates the rate in which healthy stem cells are created. It can help create new pathways for learning.

Here are two websites I recommend you visit for more information:

I want to end by sharing with you a quote from Rachel Barcelona, a 22 year old model, who is on the Autism Spectrum, “Everyone has a mountain to climb and Autism has not been my mountain, it is my opportunity to victory.”

For more information on this topic you can view the full Free Friday Live Video below.

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