Automation Is A Great Way To Increase Your Profit!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Raise your hand if you’ve thought this before: “If only I could duplicate myself.” 

Duplicating yourself is a dream as old as history itself. 

It’s prevalent enough that there have been multiple movies about it. 

So when you have that thought know that you aren’t alone. 

But it’s also unattainable. 

Or…. is it? 

What if I told you that you may not be able to duplicate yourself, but you could make it so that many of the tasks you perform for your practice could be handed off to someone, or something, else? 

This is called automation. And it isn’t as hard as you think. 

How many of you are a solopreneur?

In today's video, we are going to cover 3 areas of your practice where you can use automation to make it seem like you've duplicated yourself, without some of the problems of cloning, like the ethical hurdles, worrying about which version of yourself is going to be the boss and the increased cost of food.

Are you ready to streamline a few processes within your business without expending a ton of extra energy on your end? Automation might sound complicated and intimidating—but it’s really just another way of saying “organization,” and a systematic approach to private practice management. 

Do you ever look at bigger, more successful practices and think they’re the only ones who can afford to run an automated practice? The truth is, those practices are bigger and more successful because they implemented a systematic approach BEFORE they got big. Automation = more time for you in your zone of genius or with your family = increased profit

So let’s take a look at a few different ways to automate our practice. 

1- Automated Engagement

Today, it's getting harder and harder to have real conversations with clients/patients face-to-face and it's even harder to get patients to follow through with therapy at home between sessions. You can't be in all places at once so enter #therapybot. #therapybot is your friend, your reminder, your assistant, and your engager across the Internet.

WHY? Because statistics show that most people are on FB and that FB Messenger messages are opened at a much higher rate than emails. You can also use it to send emails AND texts! You can send reminders to do therapy exercises, use #therapybot to check-in with a patient to provide a more personalized experience. Check out our preferred bot here:

2- Automated Scheduling

If you are a solopreneur or you don't have an office manager/front desk manager, you are probably taking care of all of the scheduling. You may feel like you can't afford to automate this area, but you can't afford NOT to.

Texting or emailing back and forth to schedule takes up your time and that is one of our most precious resources. Automated scheduling will help reduce cancellations, help patients be able to reschedule or cancel themselves, and even send a text reminder. AND, can even integrate with other programs you are already using for appts, like ZOOM.

A time-effective schedule is essential to having an organized private practice. You won’t be able to meet the scheduling needs of all of your clients and give everyone their preferred time.

Automating a schedule is very beneficial and convenient. If something changes or if their preferred time is unavailable, you won’t have to contact clients multiple times to determine alternative meeting times. It lets you put some responsibility on the client to be accountable for scheduling their sessions. There will probably still be some clients that you’ll have to schedule yourself, but scheduling 3-4 clients yourself is easier than doing the same for 30 clients.  Depending on your scheduling system, there should be an option to set recurring appointments. This also makes your work easier after initially setting your schedule.

Another component of automating your schedule is having appointment reminders automatically sent to your clients. I suggest having this done within 24-48 hours of the appointment, as this gives clients the opportunity to contact you and cancel if needed. Appointment reminders and confirmations have been proven to greatly reduce the number of no-shows. We owe it to ourselves to streamline this process as much as possible. Check it out the system we use here:

3- Automated Social Media

As you strive to serve your patients better and expand into online territory, you cannot neglect social media. Even if you aren't on social media much, your patients are. AND one of the ways you can stay at the forefront of their minds is through regular contact on social media. FB and/or Instagram are the best places to start.

I recommend Smarterqueue because you can:

  1. Set up categories to keep a variety of content flowing - ie. Therapy tips, Q&A live sessions, Community Education, Establish Authority, Services Offered, Program Announcements, Behind the Scenes Look.

  2. Take 1 hr each month to schedule out content for the whole month

  3. You can easily find blog posts to share for content as well as your own RSS feed.

  4. Easily recycle evergreen content to reduce time taken to produce more content.

To receive a full 30-day trial on the service we use, click here:

It's a good old-fashioned win, win, win.

Watch the full video here: