Cleansed that. Now What?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

I want to talk about some daily health habits that I recommend you continue after you do a RESET and a cleanse of your body. Twice a year our family personally does a RESET we do Whole30 for thirty days and we also use the dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore products to enhance that process and set a foundation of cleansing and repairing our body to get it back on track. Research shows when you RESET your body and remove the toxins that have built-up you can help yourself for long-term health benefits. So, I want to talk about what’s next? After you finish a RESET what should your next step be?

Here are some of the benefits that not only we notice but others have told us they have seen from resetting their bodies:

Physically- clearer skin, longer, stronger nails, no more under-eye circles, less bloating, less stiff joints, fewer PMS symptoms, less Stomach pain, less constipation & diarrhea, less gas, improved regularity, no more shoulder/back/knee pain and improved blood sugar regulation.

Emotionally- nicer, more patient, generally happier, respond better to stress, no more mood swings and no more sugar cravings.

Brain- thinking more clearly, better concentration, remember things more easily, and better memory/recall.

Sleep- falling asleep more easily, sleeping more soundly, awaken more refreshed, and no more night sweats.

Energy- no longer need to eat every 2 hours, no longer need sugar to prop up your energy, more consistent with exercise, healthier relationship with food, learned how to read a label, know which foods make you more healthy or less healthy, learned to listen to your body, you can eat less healthy food without guilt, no binging, and when indulging, it's deliberate.

Lifestyle- healthy habits to pass down to your kids, more knowledgeable about nutrition, new cooking skills, you've made like-minded friends who support your eating style, healthy eating habits brought your family closer, and you are part of a new community.

So, the RESET is done. Now what? This is where our wellness pyramid comes in.

We focus on every part of the pyramid not just what is bothering us at the moment. This helps us focus on our whole health as a family.

Here is what we do as a family daily. We spend time daily talking to our Creator and showing gratitude.

We work on our nutritional health by taking these daily:

For exercise we try to get out and explore nature and then use Deep Blue Rub to support our bodies' recovery.

For resting and managing stress we use Lavender essential oil and the Serenity blend. We diffuse Serenity at night for better rest and sleep. We also use Balance essential oil, a grounding blend, that helps at high stress moments.

We reduce toxins in our bodies daily by putting a drop of lemon essential oil in 8oz water to help naturally reduce toxins. We also use OnGuard essential oil daily in a diffuser to expose our body to immune support, and Frankincense essential oil daily to help our cells stay healthy. I would encourage you go to and see for yourselves the benefits of doTERRA’s Frankincense Essential oils.

What are your daily habits? Which new ones will you begin? I hope to see you at our next reset!

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