Design Your Life (and Business) in 2021 and Start Now

Much of what happened in 2020 was beyond our control - someone else was deciding what life would look like for us. 🙅‍♀️🦠😷

Let's face it - it's a bit hard not to be discouraged moving into a new year with all that's happened.

Would it be helpful to you if I give you FIVE real life-actions you can take to start 2021 with a new outlook AND end the new year with satisfaction?


Then, LET'S DO IT!

I always like to start with some gratitude. Share a gift that 2020 has brought to you.

As a busy mom and a therapist running all the things, you have started asking yourself....

🕊where's the PEACE?

⚓️ where's the HOPE?



🙆🏻‍♀️ JOY? Where's ________?

I know you recognize the need to pause for a moment to take in an outsider's perspective in order to gain a new perspective yourself...

AND to make the shifts necessary to begin. So let's do that together.

You and I. 👭


Raise your hand if you are ready to try something new in 2021? If so, what is that new thing or things you want to do?

1. Don't let one year discourage you from the next.

You had disappointments this year - maybe even more than in year's past.

  • it may have been that canceled gathering you were looking forward to.

  • divisive attitudes of people you would have considered a friend

in the therapy world - maybe it was

  • the change in procedures or loss of clients

  • the shift online that proved to be more difficult

Therapists, here's your goal: Therapist will improve self-worth in 100% of opportunities given min verbal cues to let go of things from 2020 that were out of their control.

Whatever it is, you've faced disappointments. Now is the time to decide that you aren't going to let last year's disappointments keep you from this year's best. Make up your mind right now that you are going to shift that thinking into a growth mindset and see what you can learn or grow from these.

2. Decide what changes are now normal for you after 2020.

There are some things that will never be "normal", but you can't live like Zoom is a fad that is going to go away. Instead, you need to decide how you're going to get in front of that shift, for your personal use, but also in your business. As a therapist, it is your job to provide great service to your clients regardless of the medium.

What other areas do you need to adapt to? The church may not be opened up in full force for a while, so how are you going to develop and keep Christian relationships with people in a more meaningful way?

For many people, travel is shifting, which is why RV sales have shot through the roof. Some people are taking their life on the road for 14 days, and others are planning for 14 months! We can help you plan for your next adventure.

3. Your knowledge must stretch in order for your thinking to change.

Freshwater comes from a flowing river. If the river is stagnant, the water will not be drinkable. Your mind is much the same. If you are not continually learning from new sources your thinking will become stagnant.

Think about this in areas of personal, spiritual, and business growth.

Some of my favorites for stretching my knowledge are:

  • Bible reading - learning from my Creator is a great way to renew my mind daily.

  • Shawn Stevenson - one of the best podcasters and resources for science-minded evidence-based research on health and wellness topics.

  • Dr. Caroline Leaf - one of the top communication disorder specialists and now cognitive neuroscientists the helps me have a growth mindset -- and has the science to back it up!

  • Various Business Coaches, I've had through the years - Roxy Saran, Chalene Johnson, Tasha Smith, Molly Mahoney - they have challenged my thinking, my mindset, and skills to level up and become better at serving those around me.

Where and with whom are you stretching your knowledge?

4. What are some things that really wasted your time in 2020?

Time is a resource that is not renewable. To use your time effectively you need to know where you are giving your time away. Are you making the most of your time? To find out, track it. We all have 168 hours in a week. What are you doing during those hours that are time wasters?

What are the things you want to drop off at the door as you enter 2021 and not look back?

5. Settle on something that feeds your SOUL.

I don't mean "settle" as in, just pick any old thing. I mean settle as in, make a conscious decision about it. Let it be settled. The most important part of a person is their spirit. The most IMPORTANT thing you can do in this new year is to settle on a plan to feed your spirit. As it says in Psalm 143:

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing word, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go. Psalm 143:8

This is a poem connected to David - who's at the end of his rope. He doesn't know where to go or what to do - He throws himself entirely at the mercy of God's wisdom and mercy. He starts his day with a meditation on the past of how God has shown His love to Him. Knowing that this is true, don't wait to get to the end of your rope before you start to develop your relationship with God.

I love using apps like the YouVersion Bible app or Soulspace app to feed my soul each day as part of my miracle morning routine.

What is feeding your soul?

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