Let's Make Dirt Balls!

Updated: Feb 8

"Dirt balls??

I'm trying to keep them OUT of the dirt..."

Stay with me....

these dirt balls are a yummy snack that doesn't involve actual dirt. Whew!

I know, I know - the kids are home, running around and there's only so much you can think of to keep them busy, right? I'm bringing you a new, fun activity you can do with the kids in the kitchen over the weekend.

I know, as a mom, you want activities that are fun, that even the smallest of kids can do, with simple ingredients that you can feel good about.

Bonus - you can even use them as gifts for neighbors or family gatherings - IF you don't eat them all first!

Are you ready for the recipe AND the fun?!

Here's what you need:

(For nut allergies, you can substitute a sunflower seed butter and roll your dirtballs in sesame seeds.)

  1. Directions: Mix almond butter (or peanut butter) with honey. Stir. Mix in cocoa powder. Stir well. Stir in raisins, coconut, and chocolate chips. Stir until mixed well.

  2. In a food processor chop up almonds. Place chopped nuts in a bowl. Roll the almond butter mixture in balls, then roll-formed balls in the chopped nuts. The nuts will cover the outside of each Dirt Ball. Note: when you are rolling the almond butter mixture, first you'll make a rough ball. It's hard to shape the mixture until you roll it in the crushed almonds. After you add the crushed almonds, it's easier to finish shaping the balls.

  3. Place the Dirt Balls on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving. We actually prefer our balls frozen (and the crowd goes wild) so we put our Dirt Balls in the freezer and snack on them as needed. When people say what I'm about to say about a healthy snack, I always think they are liars who have forgotten what it's like to eat food that actually tastes good. True Story: These are just as good as any cookie or brownie. Our kids prefer Dirt Balls over every bad-for-you dessert

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