Does God Care About Your To-Do List?

Do you have a never-ending to-do list? Does God even care about your to-do list? I was raised in a Christian home where we prayed about everything. Prayer is an integral part of my families life and the Bible is clear about the fact the God responds to prayer. And I can tell you personally that prayer works!

Did you know that half of all Americans say they pray? Can you guess what the top two things Americans pray for is? Health and finances. Whatever your job may be many of us keep a to-do list. Do you currently have a to-do list? How do you keep it? Maybe on an app or do you just make a pen and paper list? Do you pray over your list?

I want to talk about why we pray, how we pray and what we pray for. And then I'm going to give you 13 ways to pray about your to-do list, so you can worry less.

Why do we pray? The Bible is clear that when we pray, we are building an intimate relationship with God. We also pray because it changes us or our circumstances.

How do we pray? Jesus teaches the disciples in the Bible how to pray. For more information on how to pray watch our ACTS of kindness video below on supplication.

What do we pray for? God is concerned about the things that you are concerned about. I would encourage you to pray about anything and everything.

Here are 13 ways to pray through your to-do list:


1. Accepting Tasks

2. Project Planning

3. Your Attitude

4. Worry

5. Creative Thinking

6. Staying Power (Grit!)

7. Unwanted Tasks

8. Failure


9. Good Timing

10. People

11. Spiritual Warfare

12. God’s Blessing

13. Measuring Success

What do you think of this prayer list? Which one of these resonates most with you. Begin working through your to-do list today with prayer. It works!

For more information on the 13 ways to pray with specific prayers for each area watch our video below.

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