doTERRA 2019 Convention & New Products!

The doTERRA 2019 Annual Convention was so amazing! As usual, it was the best, most exhausting weeks of the year. Every year may present challenges but we never regret pushing through. I want to share with you what makes convention so special, our 2019 new products, and how you can get your hands on them! If you are wanting to pursue a change in your approach to mental wellness or health then you have come to the right place!

I was reminded again WHY convention week is so important. This is way more than a showcase - it's a community. A community of scientists, researchers, farmers, distillers, healthcare providers, medical professionals, moms and dads who gather to share their commitment to providing the very BEST. We are pursuing humility, change, a smile with everyone we meet, and a positive impact everywhere we go! What we have is special! It’s different.

We will valiantly protect what’s pure. We will blaze a trail of what others are unwilling to do.

If you would like a small taste of these experiences - there is one coming to a city near you. You can find all the post-convention dates and places here:

Ready to hear about the new products? We’ve got some incredible new options - a new addition to the Kid collection, 4 new single oils, an oil we have never been able to buy before, two new supplements, a line focusing on healthy skin and a line focused on mental wellness!

Tamer is the newest addition to our Kids Collection! It is a digestive blend that is calming and soothing to an upset tummy. It’s perfectly diluted for your little.

Citronella is one of our new oils! We all have heard how great it is for repelling insects but it is also awesome for cleaning as well!

Lemon Eucalyptus is our second new single oil. This oil is purifying for the air and surfaces! Great for using in your kitchen!

Celery Seed is fantastic for your digestive and nervous systems. It also provides gentle cleansing.

Black Spruce is another amazing tree oil! Calming and grounding, it is also soothing to the skin.

Our Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules were THREE years in the making! It combines the powerful Turmeric oil and Turmeric powder in a way that makes it the most effective in your body.

The Peppermint Enteric Coated Softgels are awesome and we have already gotten great use out of them. Because they are Enteric coated it allows them to pass through your stomach and into your intestine where you need the relief!

We can now buy ROSE oil! The queen of oils! Rose is healing for the skin, immune-supporting, helps you to open up to love and is the highest vibration oil there is!

Now I want to really focus on the last 2 product lines.

Are you part of the many obsessed with Yarrow/Pom? Well, now we have a Yarrow|Pom Body Serum! It’s SO good! You are going to want to bathe in this. With all the benefits of the Yarrow|Pom oil which includes chamazulene (a powerful antioxidant). We also have the new Yarrow|Pom Cellular Body Complex Capsules that are basically going to help you look better from the inside out! These won’t be available until January 2020 to purchase on its own but you can get in the Convention Kit while supplies last!

We have a brand-new line called Adaptiv that is all about mental wellness! Anyone who works or who has been dealing in the mental health space, you work with GABA. GABA stands for Gamma Amino Buteric Acid. This is an amino acid that stimulates benzodiazopene receptors. Think about Atavan, Clonopin, Xanax, Valium. These are quick fix to calm yourself down. It promotes neuroplasticity. The beauty of this is that it is NOT just GABA. It has essential oils too.Lavender, Coriander Seed, Wild Orange, Fennel Seed. These oils help you feel clear, focused, productive, on point, calm. There are ALSO Ahiflower seed oil which is a fatty acid. Research has proven time and time again that it promotes brain health.

Not only will this line help your mind feel better but it allows you to heal your body as well. This is not forcing your body to do something it's not designed to do. It works WITH your body to HEAL itself. When you synthetically force your body to do something, over time, your body no longer responds to the dosage and you have to your dosage increased. INSTEAD, let's meanwhile, begin to provide our body with. We don't just want to be numbed out and laying on the couch. I heard it said, "It's ABNORMAL to not be well." And yet now it seems it IS the NORM. If you want to check out any of the research articles regarding Adaptiv check out this post:

One of the most exciting presentations we had at convention came from Dr. Doug Flora. He is a cancer specialist doctor in northern Kentucky. And coming in 2020 they will be opening the first integrated wellness center with doTERRA. Dr. Flora has a special place in his heart for cancer and cancer care. His mom had cancer and he actually had kidney cancer as well. Check out the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center here:

Most of the new products will be available Oct. 1, but the Yarrow/Pom line will be available in January.

So where can you get these powerful oils - the GOOD STUFF - the ones that actually work? Reach out to the Wellness Advocate who is helping you. If you don’t have someone you can email us at or you can schedule an appt with us here. Where can you get continuing education on all these new products? If you are one of our customers you can join our customer FB Group, The Essential Life Tribe! Just email us to join or request to add yourself!

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Watch the full video here: