Essential Oil Study

Have you ever said, "I'm not quite sure what the big deal is about these OILS? In fact, I'm pretty sure they're not right for me, but I do have questions and am curious about trying them." If this is you, stay with me, because I'm about to give you an opportunity to experience them firsthand for yourself in a way you've never done before.

If only that nagging issue with pain or sleep could be resolved. 🤕Could stress actually be conquered with a tool this simple?? 🤔If only you could appease your curiosity and try them out for yourself with no strings attached. You really do wish there was a better way. Good news -- there is. Your health & your home with thank you. 💛

How many of you are dealing with an issue in one of these four areas?

  • Pain

  • Stress

  • Digestion

  • Sleep

As the educated mom that you are, you are pretty skeptical about whether or not something natural can really be effective. I get it. With a Master's degree in speech-language pathology and an analytical mind, I come into things with a science mind and a "prove it to me" attitude. Over the past 15 years, I've applied that analytical brain to researching the body, digestion, sleep, special needs & challenges and finding tools & resources that are safer, cheaper, and more effective than traditional methods.  Now -  I also see your frustration with solutions and want answers. It's time to make this a priority in your life. In this masterclass, I will be providing you with the information and opportunity to apply to an upcoming essential oil study in one of FOUR areas - sleep, pain, digestion, and stress.

Or maybe YOU are not dealing with any challenges in those four areas, but how many of you have a loved one that IS - a parent, spouse, friend, aunt, sister, coworker, child, that is dealing with sleep, pain, stress, digestion issues?? Good news for those of you - you can actually invite one of them to apply to the study and if they complete it, you can receive free oils! Let me know if you want more info about that below.


Sleep: Adults should have at least 7 to 9 hours a night of sleep and 7 - 19% of adults report lacking sleep. You need adequate rest each night to fight illnesses, strengthen the immune system, repair damaged tissue, and more.

Stress: Stress disrupts nearly every system in your body. Over 55% of Americans report feeling stressed or anxious. It suppresses our immune system, disrupts your digestive & reproductive systems, increases heart attack and stroke and YES it can actually kill you!

Digestion: the health of your digestive system has a lot to do with your lifestyle, the food you eat and your stress level. Conditions like leaky gut have been linked to skin issues like psoriasis or eczema or bone issues like arthritis. Your digestive system is your second brain and over 74% of American's live with digestive discomfort.

Pain: Over 31% of adults in the US are affected by pain. Many times, natural pain relief solutions are not only safer but scientifically shown to work.

So, the big question is - what are you going to do with this information? You've found yourself nodding your head to some of these issues and many of you know lifestyle changes that would improve your health - diet, exercise, sleep- but no one is giving you tools like this to help. This is WHY I'm super excited to be able to have 5 spots available in this upcoming EO study.

There is no cost to participate in this study but you must apply so we can see if you are a good fit!

If you are approved for the study, you will get 7 days worth of oil supplies to try (for free). You must:

1. Be willing to stick to the protocol sent to you.

2. Give honest feedback.

3. Attend the Pre - Study Orientation and the Post Study Results of Findings - either locally to you or online

Stress, Digestion, Sleep, and Pain are big issues that many of us are dealing with and not winning the battle. Despite whatever you're throwing at it, it's not working. This is your opportunity to dip your toe in the weird oily world and give them and whirl. You have nothing to lose when you apply to the upcoming essential oil study.

To apply for the study please fill out this form:

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