Healthy Habits To Hang On To in 2020

When you look back at 2019 is there's an aspect of your health you've been unhappy with? Maybe you didn't have the energy you wanted or you got sick more often (or your kids did), or you STILL don't have the answers to XYZ. How much did that cost you in time - time away from work or school, your kids. How much did that cost you in your attitude, dr visits, prescriptions, etc? 😑 So... you've already fallen out of the healthy habits you promised yourself this new year... OR even worse -- you feel like you're behind the game by not setting up any health goals yet  🥺 Good news... I've got you covered and have a step by step game plan ready for you to conquer key healthy habit goals this year!

I CANNOT WAIT TO HELP YOU! For over ten years now, I've been making simple shifts to improve my health one step at a time - in other words - creating healthy habits and I've been helping others he same for the last five years. And believe me, I get it -- you're a go-getter, but need some REAL tools that will actually make a difference this year instead of what you've been doing. You feel like you've already tried "all the things" and are a bit skeptical, but that's okay. Are you really ready to change the way you look and feel? 🧐Wanna look, feel, live, younger, longer?

My essential oil-infused supplements are GUARANTEED TO DO THAT or your money back. They are formulated to provide you with potent levels of bioavailable nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy & longevity. What’s that all mean? You’ll feel better. You’ll sleep better. You’ll have the energy (not from stimulants but) from real food nutrients! 💕PLUS, daily probiotics and digestive enzymes to get your gut where it needs to be. It’s all about gut health. We know that now for health & wellness. It’s not a secret anymore. Your gut is everything! Give it what it needs to help you feel and look your best! It’s all here. Plus, you’ll get the top 5 oils FREE!

I'll show you how to use all of these tools personally - how cool is that?! My goal is to get them in every home so no one ever has to feel the way I used to feel. There’s no reason for it! I’m 45 and have the best hair, skin, nails, sleep, energy, and quality of life that I have ever had. It’s YOUR turn💋. I'm going to make sure to walk you through that process. And I've got lots of tips up my sleeve to teach you about making your oils simple and easy to use! Plus they are safer, cheaper and more effective than what you are currently using.

Let's talk about the top 5 oils that come in the Healthy Habits Kit:

  • Frankincense - use daily under your tongue for immune support and healthy cell function and on your skin for signs of aging

  • Lemon - use in your glass or stainless steel water every day for natural support of your blood pressure and a gentle detox of your liver

  • Balance - the grounding blend put one or 2 drops in your hands and rub on the bottom of your feet and the back of your neck to relieve stress

  • On Guard - you can put a few drops in a spray bottle with water to clean and keep germs at bay, put on the bottom of your feet to support the function of your immune system

  • Lavender - use this nightly for a better nights sleep, calms your central nervous system, put one drop in your hand, breathe it in and put it on the bottom of your feet, the back of your neck and your pillow

The Daily Habits Kit also includes:

  • LifeLong Vitality - Essential oil supplements, has all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs. These are my essential oil vitamins and they make everything better - my hair, my nails, mood, sleep, energy. I take a half dose of these because I'm a small woman. We can help you figure out the right dose for you. It lasts me 2 months - for myself. This is your foundation!

  • Terrazyme - a digestive enzyme that you use daily, so important to help break your food down

  • PB Assist - probiotics that you use daily to keep your gut health

  • Deep Blue Rub - for all your aches and pains and sore muscles, great for head tension, help with inflammation and helps heal the muscle tissues

All of these items that I mentioned above are about $140 and that does even include the 5 essential oils!

Those of you who are doTERRA members, you are going to want to look up the Daily Habits kit to get the five free oils - and these are your daily staples so want to grab several of these since it is only available this month. You also want to tell your friends about this so they don't miss out.

Those of you who are new to doTERRA, you'll want to reach out to a Wellness Advocate to purchase your Healthy Habits kit and get your five free oils - only available until the end of this month. Why? Your Wellness Advocate will know the inside deals - like THIS one. Your Wellness Advocate will connect you to resources and tools only available inside the doTERRA community, educational tools, and if that's us, you also receive a Welcome Packet of tons of goodies.  You do NOT want to get your oils from ebay, Amazon, or anywhere else because they purchase the oil, take the safety seal off, empty the bottle and refill with cheaper oils or fillers, and reseal to make it appear like it's never been touched and resell it. You also want your OWN account so others aren't taking free points from you - This bundle is so popular for everyday use, here's how you'll get 5 of the top-selling essential oils for free.

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