Helping Your Kids Stay Focused & Get Along

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

You asked and I listened....

Let's face it....You want to see these days with the kids at home a blessing, but...


With all the bickering and lack of focus -- you feel like you can't be mom, wife, AND teacher. 👰🏻👩‍👧‍👦👩🏻‍🏫I've got FOUR simple tips that you can implement today to bring simplicity to your day, help your kids stay focused, all while sharing the love with each other in the process. ♡ ❤️♡

Trust me -- I know it's not easy juggling mom life, work that you love, schooling, etc -- I've done it for over five years. Now the isolation on top - some days it's just too much. BUT, I know that you're open and willing to hear something new and change it up to give everyone some sanity, right?!

Let's tackle this thing TOGETHER. Will you join me so that you can experience home life that's more peaceful and productive?

Which part of the day is most challenging for you right now?

Tip#1: Simplify the Day:

This is where I want to give you, as the parent permission to be in charge of your child(ren). If what you are being given as work to do by the teacher or teachers is overwhelming to you, consider simplifying the work. Your home can stay your home. It doesn't have to be a recreation of the classroom inside your home.

As a general rule, kids need 15-min of free time every hour. Maybe that could be setting a time timer to have a quick dance party, Brain Breaks, coloring, listen to a quick Big Life Journal podcast, Legos - something to allow getting energy out or allowing the brain some creative space. Use a tool like a Time Timer or even have your child set his own timer to foster some responsibility and independence.

Consider removing your child from public school. Even if you plan on continuing with public school in the fall, you can have this time to be in control of what your kids are/are not doing and you don't have to be a slave to someone else giving you extra homework to do as the parent.

Check your state's homeschool laws & requirements, but here in the state of TX, you just need to submit a letter and provide the core subjects - reading, math, and social studies (which could include things like learning about the coronavirus and its impact on society).

What are the challenges with your kids getting along?

Tip#2: Sibling Kindness

We love our friends over at Big Life Journal. They provide great resources and tools for parents who want to help their kids develop a growth mindset - ready to have a positive mindset toward challenges and difficulties and see them as opportunities for growth - GRIT.

They also have a FB group you can be a part of "Raising Kids With a Growth Mindset".

They shared a tool we've recently implemented to support sibling kindness. The way this works is with the Kindness Star. One child chooses an act of kindness to do for a sibling. Once he's done the act, he places the star someplace the sibling can find it.

Sibling Kindneess Jar
Download • 7.68MB

Can anyone name the six big emotions? (Hint: think of the Inside Out movie)

Tip#3: Manage the Emotions







These can be seen as negative, but these can be used for a purpose. I'm speaking to you, mom, and the kids when I say that we all need help to return to joy when managing one of these, right?! As you grow in maturity in this area, you can also start by helping your kids simply name the emotion they are experiencing. I walk you through steps in returning to joy on our blog.

Tip#4: Laser Focus

You didn't think we'd leave today without talking about oils, did you?! They are a powerhouse tool in my toolbox and I'm teaching how they can be in your own family's life as well. Two tools:

  1. Fish Oils

Omega-3s! If your child isn't getting adequate amounts of Omega-3s in their diet, their brains will have a much harder time staying focused when it counts for seated activities, fine motor tasks like handwriting, spelling, etc.

  1. Essential Oils

Rosemary - stimulates memory - so it's great when you need to recall information, study for a test, learn something new

Lemon - very invigorating, enhances clarity of thought

Peppermint - stimulating to the mind, helps with memory & mental performance

Rosemary, Lemon, and Peppermint - great combo when you need to "get down to business" and stay focused.

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