Holiday Gift Giving Ideas!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Today we're talking about all things gift-giving during the holidays!

Growing up, every year during the holidays, my mom helped me make something for friends & family as gifts. She wanted to help me see that even at a young age, I could be a generous giver and have value to give others even without a lot of money. Over the years, I've made ornaments out of Shrinky Dinks, Christmas trees made from Styrofoam and gumballs, ornaments from clay, crossstitch, paperweights, ALL KINDS of things... I wouldn't say I'm particularly crafty, but I can usually copy fairly well.

Our family has a special definition for the ideal gift. For us, the ideal gift reflects the heart of the giver and meets the needs of the receiver.

Here are a few ideas for gift giving this year that you can do with your kids too.

First up, aromatherapy playdough! Now you can find all kinds of homemade recipes for playdough online but you can also do this with store-bought playdough! Make a little well in the playdough, add 2-3 drops of the essential oil of your choice (Citrus Bliss, Serenity, Holiday Peace, Balance are great choices) and work it together!

My next idea is Bath Salt Ornaments! You want to get a set of clear, acrylic round ornament from Hobby Lobby (check for coupons! They always have good coupons!) Using a funnel fill each ornament with:

½ cup of unscented Epsom salts

2 TBSP of baking soda

2-5 drops of essential oils (Breathe, Serenity, Balance, Aromatouch are good ideas)

This should be enough for 2 to 3 baths!

doTERRA had some awesome gifts for us this 2019 Holiday Season. And this is the perfect way to give the gift of health this year! You can check out the Gift Guide to see what is available!

A few of my favorites are Holiday Joy (which is by the way GREAT for your immune system!), Holiday Peace (if you love trees this blend is for you! So, grounding and calming!), Nepal Dryer Balls with Wintergreen (get rid of those dryer sheets!), and the Shea Butter Collection (so good for skin issues!)

If you decide to make the playdough or bath salt ornaments, I would love to see them! Drop me a picture of your final gifts!

Watch the full video here: