How Can Your Kids Play Their Way to Healing?

Today I want to talk about how to play your way to healing. I was able to interview an exciting guest, Nancy Williams, she is a licensed professional counselor specializing in play therapy. She also works with some specific challenges with regards to childhood trauma and works with families and particularly children and adolescents. She also is very fascinated with the use of essential oils and the emotional development of them. Her research currently involves the brain and injury to the brain. She believes that essential oils are a vital tool with therapeutic methods and interventions.

Below is a short excerpt from our interview.

3LifeEssentials: Thank you for joining us today, Nancy. Tell us a little about what play therapy is and why it is such a big deal?

Nancy: Play therapy is the use of play which can be in many different areas. It can be in the kinesthetic area where you play with dolls, trains, blocks or whatever the child chooses. If you've ever watched children in the early ages they'll sit and play with things and they'll talk to them. They are in effect working through whatever's going on inside of them. Their verbiage and knowledge of verbs and words does not coincide with the adult world yet, but they can work through that in play. Now there's another area called Sand Play. It is excellent for use with adults and kids. It is literally a tray of sand and all kinds of little figurines. The adult or child draws a picture in the sand with the figurines. During this time, they may talk or not talk. What they cannot express verbally can be put in picture form. I also use art, dance, movement and a lot of other expressive arts therapies.

3LifeEssentials: How does your faith affect your work?

Nancy: If I didn’t have my faith, I wouldn’t be a counselor. God called me to do this many years ago and he started preparing me for it many years before that. I have a love for children. In the late 90s I asked God, “to please give me the children.” I’ve learned different areas of how to help and observe children, and how to watch them grow. I have a few degrees. I have a master’s in music and use music therapy. Then I began to study the brain. I pray before every session over the family, then I pray over the room and I will pray with the family if they allow it. I pray for their specific needs and give them scriptures God has given me. I believe the Bible is not only a book it is a way of life. If you learn to walk in it, you will have success.

To view the full interview and how Nancy is using doTERRA essential oils in therapy please watch our Free Friday live video below.

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