How to Know Which Oils to Use

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Have you ever been looking through your growing stash of essential oils and been excited about them, but confused at the same time about which oil to use to support X, Y or Z?!


Today I’m going to give you 5 simple tools to help you to choose the RIGHT oil for you in YOUR situation. Let’s jump right in!

Tip #1: Use what you have on hand!

In a moment of need, your go-to choices are what you have on hand. Put each of your oils to work for you by looking them up in our book or on a app and learning what they do best. It’s what you do every day that matters most!

In fact, those of you who are already a part of our 3LifeEssentials community, you have access to our online Oil Camp that covers the top 10 oils and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. Our customers love it, and they walk away feeling much more comfortable and confident in using their oils. If you are not a part of our community and are not already working with someone, reach out to us, we’d be happy to help you get started on your journey together.

Tip #2: Trust your gut!

Nothing could be more powerful in essential oil use than simply paying attention to what you are attracted to. Trust that feedback and act on it. Make some notes so you can repeat what you’ve done before and, with experience, you will better your results.

Don’t limit your thinking to what you are taught! You can deliberately choose to make selections by smell. There is a reason why smelling an oil prior to selection is so commonplace and the natural inclination. Even animals and small children quickly identify their favorites and what their body most needs.

Tip #3: Use your resource books and/or app!

Find specific health needs you want to address. Pay attention to the five oils listed and considered to be the top choices. This will narrow your choices and start with what you have on hand. You can also look up by body system that relates to your area of health and this will help narrow your choices.

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Tip #4: Tune in to your emotions!

Maybe the idea of matching an oil to an emotional state is new or foreign to you. However, it is the number one way to narrow selections. Here’s why. Consider two people are having the discomfort in their hands/joints. One person is impatient and one is resigned themselves that the discomfort is just a part of their life and can’t be changed. In each case, a different emotional profile is found as well as different needs to be met. Learn more about the connection between essential oils and emotions by first reading. You can find more about your emotion’s connections in a few places:

Tip #5 – Do a test on yourself!

Utilize a personal digital scanning device or applied kinesiology (aka muscle response testing) to quickly identify what resonates as beneficial to your body at the time of evolution.

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