How to Learn Brain Detox Without Losing Your Mind

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

"You're just like all of the other therapists out there." 😕

"What you have to give patients is not anything special." 😞

"You can't be a great mom and run a thriving business -- it'll never work." 😢

"You'll never be able to keep up with this caseload." 😭

📼That negative tape continues to swirl around in your head and it seems to come out of nowhere. It can really bring you down and make a challenging day, just downright awful. Just "staying positive" isn't always working.....

...soooooo, now what?!

Today, I'm going to show you how you can detox your brain without losing your mind. You can get your thoughts under control once and for all AND control the direction of your life (& business) in the process! 🤯

What is that negative tape in YOUR head saying? “I don’t have time.” “I don’t know enough.” “I am not enough.” “I don’t have enough______”. “No one will listen to me.” “You’re gonna mess it up.” “I won’t reach my goal.”

It's a simple process, but it does take effort and I bet you haven't even thought about detoxing your brain.

I know you already have a lot of training on how the brain works, but that doesn't mean you've figured out how to get those critical thoughts under control and that can be frustrating. You also want science-minded proof that this works and not some hooey-wooey -- guess what -- I'm going to give you just that. ✔︎

Are you ready for the practical tips AND the science to back it up so that you can start your day filled with positive thinking instead of the garbage that tells you you can’t?

Read on with me...

Your mind controls matter.

Your mind and your brain are separate. What is the difference?  One is the software and the other is hardware. Let’s take the idea that your mind is your software and your brain is the hardware.

Cell phone example: You can update the software on your phone. What happens if you update the hardware and you just get rid of the software? What you're left with is a BRICK. You have to fill it with the newest software in order for it to function to its fullest potential. Without all the frustrations, right?! If you want a better phone, you have to have better software.

With my Analytical & Restorative strengths and being an Enneagram 1 - I have a tendency to look for problems and things that need to be fixed,  it also gives way for some critical/negative thinking about others AND being self-critical as well. Now, those strengths come in handy when I’m trying to assess a patient or getting to the root cause of a problem for someone, but when these get dialed up too high they can become a problem and I began to notice this as a problem -- BUT didn’t know how to fix. I mentioned this to a counselor about 5 ½ yrs ago - about this negative tape that was almost always playing and how I was trying to get rid of them….she asked me an interesting question  - she said, “What are you doing to REPLACE them?"

Scientific research has shown that your thoughts LITERALLY create matter in your brain, and that positive thinking puts your brain in a state where it is healthier.

Let’s talk about NEUROPLASTICITY for a minute. By definition that means that the brain is malleable and adaptable, changing moment by moment of every day. The fact. That the brain is plastic and can actually be changed by the mind gives tangible HOPE to everyone, no matter what the circumstance - 

Think about:

  • The child with autism who learns to grow in academic & social environments

  • A senior citizen that sharpen their memory to the point that they change careers and obtain degrees in their eighties

  • Car accident victims who have bee written off as “vegetables” retrain their brain to the point that thy complete school and go on to be successful, contributing citizens

  • Children with dyslexia that learn to read and write and even begin to help their own parents study for exams successfully

Have you ever felt like the toxic thoughts begin to run away with you?

Catch Those Thoughts

Research as far back as the 1970s, show that capturing those negative thoughts in a disciplined way rather than letting them run rampant can bring about some impressive changes in the way w feel and think. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s research has also shown that controlled focused thinking can lead to an impressive improvement in cognitive functioning AND emotional balance.  Purposefully catching your thoughts can control the brain’s sensory processing, the brain’s rewiring, the neurotransmitters, the genetic expression, and cellular activity in a positive or negative direction. 

Research has shown that 5-16 minutes a day of focused, meditative capturing of thoughts shift frontal brain states so that they are more likely to engage with the world and increases the chances of a happier outlook on life. 

Gather the Toxic Thought

Think of one specific toxic thought and begin to become aware of all the signals coming into your mind through your five senses. Just begin to become aware of what is coming into your mind. Start writing them down. What feelings are associated with these thoughts? How does your body feel? Shoulders tensing? Adrenaline rush?

Did you know you are able to accept or reject the thoughts flowing through your mind?

Focused Reflection

This is the time to pick one thought and start experimenting with changing it. Here is when you can be targeted and deliberate in your way of thinking. That is disciplined, intellectual, and decisive. Do you want to build memories out of this new information coming into your mind? How do you think you can tear down this toxic stronghold? What role does your heart play in this?

Ex. "You can't be a great mom and run a thriving business -- it'll never work.” 😢

Now that you have gathered this toxic thought, you can change it! In fact, you can do whatever you want with it. This is where imagination, visualization, deep thought, and reflection can actually begin to produce physical changes in the brain as would physically barring out the same imagined processes.

Why am I a great mom? I am a mom who is quick to listen and slow to speak. I care about the concerns of others and esteem them more highly than myself. I am an intervention of truth to help my boys rebel against a culture that is having them to rebel against me. I am committed to talking patiently to my children today. It is possible to spend a relaxing time with my children.

Why am I a successful entrepreneur? The failures I have made me better. I am driven by passion and purpose. Money is a tool that allows me to do good things and help the people around me. I am committed to being a problem solver and a solutions provider. 

What is the upgraded software you are putting in your new cell phone —what are the new thoughts you are putting in your mind to replace the toxic ones?

A few oils you can use to help facilitate this process are Wild Orange, Petitgrain, Siberian Fir, and Douglas Fir. If you can capture these thoughts and use these oils to support that for 21 days you can change your life!

Watch the full video here:

Suggested Reading List:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking & Health by Dr. Caroline Leaf

The New Phrenology: The Limits of Localizing Cognitive Processes in the Brain by William Uttal

The Crucible of Consciousness: An Integrated Theory of Mind and Brain by Zoltan Torey

Pottenger’s Cats by Francis Pottenger, Jr. M.D.

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