How to Make Gummy Bears that Your Whole Family Can Be Excited About

Updated: Feb 8

Hey, moms. Are you sick and tired of having to explain to your kids why they can't have candy with dye in it? Or are you wishing that you had this natural alternative that you can feel good about giving to your kids or eating yourself?

My kids really love candy but the problem with most candies is they're loaded with sugar, dyes and preservatives. So what does this crunchy mom do? Make my own, of course!

Basic Recipe:

2 Cups Fruit Juice of Choice (I like Tart Cherry Juice or fresh squeezed orange juice if you want to add natural coloring)

1 Tablespoon Raw, Local Honey - OR-

20 drops of Stevia (won't spike blood sugar)

10 Tablespoons unflavored grass-fed gelatin *

5-10 drops of Wild Orange or Tangerine Essential Oil (optional)

2 tsp. Natural Calm Magnesium in Cherry or Orange flavors (optional)

Add gelatin & fruit juice into pot and break up the lumps with a wire whisk or fork before turning on the heat. Bring fruit juice to a slight boil. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Add honey or stevia and stir until dissolved. Stir constantly with a wire whisk on low heat so the gelatin doesn’t clump. Add in your magnesium (optional) and continue to stir. Remove from heat and add essential oils (optional). Use syringe to transfer liquid to silicone molds. Place in freezer for 10 min. Keep your gummies in fridge for one week.

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* Fruit Juice - Use Organic Juice like this or Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

*Unflavored Grass-Fed Gelatin- You can also contact local mom Ruth Pauley to order.

To find all of the items in the recipe, you can see the whole list here.