How to Make my Favorite Sleep Spray . . .WITHOUT oils!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I know this may be surprising but my favorite sleep oil does NOT contain essential oils! It’s actually magnesium oil! And I promise you, after you see how easy this is to make and try it yourself it will be your favorite sleep spray too.

This spray helps us so much to create healthy sleep patterns. Whether you have a hard time staying asleep or going to sleep this spray will support your body in creating the proper sleep patterns you need. We all go through seasons where we need better sleep support (hello new babies, stress or whatever!). So let’s talk about the benefits of this spray and how easy it is to make!

We used to get magnesium from our soil and water supplies but now we have depleted our soil and scoured our water supply clean of trace minerals. We either have to make an extra effort to consume magnesium rich foods in nuts, grains and seeds or we can supplement. Magnesium is more easily absorbed topically than internally.

The American College of Nutrition says that 68% of people are deficient in magnesium. Even if you are eating very healthy and taking your supplements you can still be magnesium deficient. This can lead to insomnia, depression, fatigue or irritability. Using magnesium topically is a great way to improve your health and absorption of magnesium.

Let’s get to making this spray! Here is what you will need:

· ½ cup, Magnesium chloride flakes

· Small pot

· ½ cup, filtered or distilled water

· Whisk

· funnel

Put the flakes in your small pot, add water, and put on low heat on your stove. Stir until completely melted. It should be cloudy looking. Let cool for a few minutes. Using funnel, pour into glass spray bottle.

Apply morning and evening after bathing. Start with 6 to 8 sprays daily (4 in the am, 4 at night) and work your way up to 20 sprays daily. You can spray on your feet, belly or forearms. You may experience a little tingling but that will go away. You will know you are consuming too much if your stool is a little loose. Just use less until your body adjusts. After I spray this in the evening on myself and my family I apply our essential oils and turn on our diffuser. Since we have started doing this I have found that my mood is calmer.

NOTE: If you would like boost your sleep with your oils in your spray, you can! Add them after the magnesium has had time to cool down. Here are some recommended additions for your sleep spray:

- 5 drops each of Juniper Berry & Copaiba (for a relaxing and anxious free sleep)

- 5 drops each Lavender & Cedarwood (for a calm, deeper state of sleep)

- 10 drops of Serenity Restful blend (for a great night's sleep!)

What do you think? Do you think you might like to try this? Comment below if you tried this!

Follow our link to get your Magnesium to make your own spray: 3Life Essentials on Amazon

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Watch the complete video below to see how to make this spray: