Immanuel Journaling - Part 2

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Did you read my previous blog about Immanuel Journaling and what makes it unique?

To recap this is a type of writing exercise or practice that helps us explore our life events, especially our interior life including our thoughts, feelings and body sensations with our GOOD God, Immanuel. This simple process will help you become more aware of God's compassionate presence in the painful as well as the mundane moments of your life. Slowing down enough to pause, give thanks and then listening for God's response.

There are 3 parts to Immanuel Journaling that make it different than other journaling:

Interactive Gratitude

Thought Impressions

Read your journal entry aloud to someone(s)

In my last blog post, I included a worksheet for you to try Immanuel Journaling. If you tried it, I would love to know how it went!

Today I want to walk you through Immanuel Journaling and then tell you about the first time I tried Immanuel Journaling. Hopefully, you have your printed Immanuel Journaling outline. The whole journaling process can take up to 30 or 45 minutes.

Step 1: You always start with gratitude from you to God. If you want to use oils: Frankincense, Sandalwood to connect to our Creator. Prayerfully ask God to help you remember a moment of gratitude. After you have written it out your thanksgiving, pause and reflect on what you have written.

Step 2: Ask God what He has to say to you about that moment. You can write or draw. Think of it as God writing a letter to you. Maybe start with, “My dear child”. By doing this we sustain gratitude.

Step 3: Now we move into thought rhyming or thought expression. Ask God “how do you see me?” and write out what God is observing about you. It can be from what is around you to how you are sitting or even what is on the inside that people can’t see.

Step 4: Next you start writing or drawing about how God hears you. Maybe what you are thinking or hearing internally.

Step 5: Write about how God understands you and understands how big this is for you. Perhaps He is saying “I know this is a big deal and I validate you.” He understands how important something is to us.

Step 6: Write how God is glad to be with you. Share what He might say about that. What do you want to say to me and give me? How he understands what you are going through and what He is saying to you during this time.

Step 7: Finally, you are going to share out loud with someone(s) what you have written.

A few months ago, Jim and I had our FIRST experience with Immanuel Journaling. We were in a group of about 50 people and we were told to get into groups of 2 or 3. Jim and I were in a group with another woman named Sue that we had never met before. After we introduced ourselves, we got started. When we got started the only thing I could think of to be grateful for was Jim. I actually tried to think of something else and couldn’t! So, I started to write about it and as I did, I started to cry as I become overwhelmed with gratitude. Sue also was crying as she was writing. We only had time to do some of the steps but we finished up and we knew it was time to share. Sue began to share about her experience and how she was so grateful for her daughter and she could see her hugging her in heaven. She shared with us that her daughter was killed in a car accident at the age of 8 two years prior. She felt as if God was filling her with grace and goodness and walking alongside her. When she finished, she looked at us and I thought, “Wow! How am I supposed to share anything now?” But I did it anyway.

I shared how thankful I was for Jim, how I truly believed God had heard me all those years when I prayed for an earthly friend and how as my Abba Father He cared about my earthly desires. I couldn’t stop crying! After I had written that out, I felt like God spoke to me and told me how much He had wanted to give me the gift of Jim and his friendship but He needed the timing to be right and He needed me to seek Him over and over. I also felt like He told me He could see me.

I looked up and Sue said to me, “Wow that is such an encouragement to me! How long have you been married?” I told her 12 years and she said the way that I had written it made her think we were newlyweds. She said it was such an encouragement to her because her husband was driving in the accident that killed her daughter and he is still dealing with that trauma and they were really struggling.

I was blown away. Now it was Jim’s turn to read and he shared, “The struggle you are going through is real, but I have not forgotten you. You feel like you are drowning, you feel like this is going to consume you. Before it gets better it is going to get worse, but do not fear. I have called you out. You will come out of this and walk into wide open green pastures. You will experience my peace.”

When Jim started his Immanuel Journaling he was just listening to God and all he could hear over and over was” losing a child” and he thought it was about losing his OWN child but once Sue shared her story Jim realized it was for her! Jim reached over and began to pray this prayer over her. You guys, Jim and I are not that good. This was God using us and communicating through us. So powerful.

I encourage you to print out the Listening to Immanuel worksheet and try this for yourself and see how your relationship with God will grow.

Immanuel Journaling Part 1 Video:

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