Learn From These Mistakes Before You Use Essential Oils

So, you've jumped on the oil "bandwagon", but now you're wondering what is the hype about anyway❓❓

I mean, they smell good but what else? Those claims you hear about aren't even really true.

Today, I'm going to help you learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others we know before using essential oils. Even if you already have them in your home, you'll be glad these secrets are out in the open.

Have you ever felt like your EOs aren’t working?

As an educated woman who takes great care of your family's needs, you do wonder if there's something "natural" out there - that works. You're tired of all of the side effects and chemicals out there and wonder about the lasting effects.

And let's face it - you don't have time to research all.the.things. and certainly don't have time (or budget) on stuff that DOESN'T WORK! ⌛️💵

Whether you are leary, curious, or a little of both....are you ready to learn from OUR mistakes and understand the secrets of essential oils?

When I buy an essential oil I expect it to do one thing: WORK! Especially from all of the buzz that has started to surround these little bottles these days. I've been using essential oils off and on for almost 10 years and researching them for a little over 7 years. I was drawn to them when I was looking for everyday solutions for my family.

When I first started using them, they didn’t always work - and I was frustrated. Actually, I gave up on oils. My husband and I decided they weren’t worth the money we were spending. But obviously things are different now, so I’m here to help alleviate that frustration for you today. That’s why we’re going to talk through the TOP 5 REASONS you may not be getting the results you were hoping for.

Mistake #5 - You are using TOO much.

Sometimes we think - well if one drop is good, 12 drops will be even BETTER! In fact, with EOs, Less is More. Say it with me - Less is More. If you are using more, it can have a counter effect on the results you want. EOs are powerful substances.

If you are using Lavender to calm your mind before you go to sleep but then you decide to add other oils, you can add too many oils and it can have the opposite effect that you are looking for!

Mistake #4 - Frequency.

Frequency is key when it comes to using EOs. These are natural substances from parts of plants - we are natural substances as well - our bodies understand what to do with these substances and so they metabolize more quickly within the body - unlike synthetic substances. Meaning - when you experience head tension - for example - you will want to use your oils at the first sign of the tension and keep using the oils (1-2 drops at a time, of course) over and over, even as much as every 10 or 15 minutes, until the tension subsides and maybe even a bit after. Similarly, when your immune system needs more support, instead of using an oil internally one time, you’ll want to support your body with the oils every 2-4 hours so your body can do the work God designed it to do - heal itself.

OK - #5 was using too much. 

#4 was frequency.


Mistake #3 - REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE.

You’re only using your oils during crisis moments of your life instead of taking a more proactive approach. Did you know that if you use your oils on a daily basis in a variety of methods - meaning - aromatically, topically & internally - you will have fewer crisis situations - the frequency of your crisis situations will decrease. Imagine saying “I only work out/exercise when I feel like I’m out of shape. When I feel like I’m out of shape, I go to the gym - for 12 hours. Now, we all know that exercise works best when you are doing it regularly - even when you don’t feel like you're out of shape. 

In the exact same way, when you take a proactive approach to your health with EOs, incorporating them into your everyday lifestyle, you will see more successes.

#5 was using too much. 

#4 was frequency. 

#3 was being reactive.

Mistake #2 - LOCATION

You use an oil internally when your body needs it aromatically or topically. For example, when your stomach is bothering you, you will want to apply it topically to your tummy or take it internally. It will not be as effective using it aromatically or applying it to your head. If your intention is to help your mood, it’s going to be best to smell the oil, diffuse it, or rub it on your temples. Where you put your oils and your delivery method matters. 

Mistake #1 - Low Quality Oils

The biggest mistake we see is people using oils that are adulterated or diluted in some way, then expecting them to work like the high-quality ones. Adulteration basically means they are made out of fake stuff. They have fillers or are synthetic, and they WILL NOT have the same therapeutic effect on the body. They WILL NOT be as effective. The vast majority of essential oils on the market today are tampered with in some way - WHY? Because it’s cheaper because they know consumers will purchase it anyway - because of all of the hype that’s around essential oils. Maybe they are even well-meaning companies that are trying to provide EOs for less money - not realizing that it matters where a plant is grown, the soil it’s grown in, and the time of day that it’s harvested, the chemicals that are sprayed on the plant, all affect the outcome of the EO you are using in your home. 

Now, there’s a market for the Dollar Store - when you buy a product from the Dollar Store - you don’t expect the same quality - if you just want an EO to “smell good” then purchasing less than quality oils is for you. If you are wanting the oils to impact your physical & emotional health in a powerful way, you are going to want to look for oils from a reputable company that is running multiple 3rd party tests with the results of those available for you to see. You want to know where the plant material is coming from and whether there are other things being added to the oils you are buying. 

Of ALL the mistakes we listed above mistake #1 will have the biggest impact! If you take the quality of your oils seriously and start using the best, the oils will get you started on the path towards the results you are hoping for.

Which one of these is a mistake you are making?

If you are ready to simplify your life and health care and need help just reach out! Let's set up a time to CHAT!

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