Let's Have a Gratitude Party!

Man, this year has made it tough to be grateful each day, hasn't it?!

That's why I'm offering you an invitation to a Gratitude Party 🥳 -- that's right!

What?! You've never heard of one? 😲

Me either... but that's not gonna stop me from having one.


Who is ready for some JOY in their life today??!!

As a woman on a mission, you have big plans and goals in life -- you're a dreamer and this year is NOT going to get you down.... but MAN! It's been hard trying to keep sane, let alone POSITIVE.

'Cause did you know that your brain is WIRED to return to joy IF it has the right tools?


Wanna join me for some?

Let's start by giving back. How many of you have the challenge of ADD/ADHD in your home or know someone who does? Our friends over at I AM WHOLE in Conroe, TX, know about this firsthand. Jacorea and her three daughters all deal with this challenge and they have founded an organization that helps bring awareness and support for families dealing with ADD/ADHD. Would like to help them as they raise funds to host Enrichment Projects on Saturdays during the holidays and Breakfast with Santa? Activities will include Art, Music, and Breakfast with Santa. Each Saturday, leading up to these events we will host a vendor market and display different products and sensory items that help with ADHD to educate parents on their options to help their children. You can give here: https://doterrahealinghands.org/match-program/fundraiser/70/i-am-whole

I'm grateful for the seasons I went through with my daughters' ADHD. Not being able to work consistently, unsure of how to help her, feeling defeated as a parent, etc. and now I can use that story to help others! - Jacorea, TX

Did you know that you could apply to have matching funds given to a charity that is near and dear to your heart? YES -- up to $10,000! If you have one, reach out to me, and I can help you figure out if it is a good fit to apply for doTERRA's Healing Hands matching funds program.

Did you know that when you experience one of the big six emotions - FEAR, SADNESS, SHAME, DISGUST, HOPELESS DESPAIR, ANGER - that your left and right brain get out of sync? Yep. AND did you know that the quickest way to get that the thinking and feeling brain back in sync with one another is with GRATITUDE?

YES! I have a whole series walking you through that process in my blog, but is it okay if we do that together today?? YES? Let's express and share some gratitude with one another, celebrate it, and ask God to help us return to joy!

What about you - what is a challenging event in your life that you are grateful for?

Depression. Joy is more meaningful when depression begins to lift. - Janice

God has always been faithful even when I have not. Very thankful for His love, friends and family. - Debi

2020. - Stacy

Let's talk about the 7 benefits of Gratitude

  • Opens doors for great relationships

  • Improves physical health

  • Improves your psychological health, reduces toxins

  • Enhances empathy, reduces aggression.

  • 15 min. of gratitude before bed supports deeper, longer sleep, and improved mindset.

  • Improves self-esteem - higher accomplishments. For people in sports, it improves their psychology and performance

  • Increases mental strength

What about homeschooling? Whether you are new to homeschooling this year or not, may these inspire you as well:

My kids have needed homeschooling for a different reason and I am grateful to have the option to tailor their needs and their learning styles. I might not get it perfect, but have more flexibility with homeschooling to adapt to the way they learn and I am grateful. - Jennifer

Freedom of curriculum, freedom of schedule, freedom of location, freedom of unnecessary pressure (grades). So, freedom! - Lauren

I am a single mom who works outside the home. Up until last year, I was also a caregiver for two elderly parents. I always admired parents who could homeschool and my son had asked to be homeschooled. But I NEVER would have researched and tried it without COVID. I don't wish a global pandemic on anyone, but seeing the way my son has responded to homeschooling, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take a chance and see him fly. - DeAnn

To grab more gratitude stories and more, watch the full video here:

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