Looking for a way to enhance your lips without the toxins?

Did you know the average woman eats 4-7 pounds of lip product in her life? Companies can use all but 30 banned ingredients in their products in the United States. There are a lot of unhealthy toxins being used on our faces and absorbed to our bloodstream. I want to show you how to reduce toxins in a simple switch in what products we choose to use in enhancing our lips. When it comes to skincare and beauty products you don’t have to sacrifice performance for safety. I used to think if I use something natural it’s not going to do what I want it to do and that is not true. I have been researching for over the last 10 years with skin care and makeup and I have found healthy products you can use. You can provide gorgeous color on your lips without all the unhealthy chemicals.

I want to share with you three different brands I have been trying out.

The first product I tried is Gabrielle Cosmetics lipstick. It’s a very budget-friendly natural lipstick option. Gabrielle Cosmetics lipstick provides really great pigment and moisture to your lips. I also really liked that you can also apply this lipstick easily with a lip brush providing a more finished look.

The second product I tried is a Pure Fruit Cherry Lip and Cheek Stain by 100% Pure. It goes on your lips like a gloss and gives all day color. There website is very transparent and you can see everything about their products and ingredients on their website. Their Lip and Cheek Stain is 100% vegan and water-resistance. It does have a very dry and matte finish, but you want a little gloss you can always add doTERRA’s lip balm on top of the lip stain.

The last product I tried was Just Kissed Lip Stains by Jane Iredale. Their all-natural formulas in their lip stains react and adjust to your own chemistry when you apply them and flatter your own skin tone. This lip stain gives you a long-lasting color with a glossy finish and they have a great scent. You can customize these stains to be as subtle or bold as you want by layering several coats.

My favorite was Just Kissed Lip Stains by Jane Iredale. I love the fact that it adjusts to your chemistry and you can customize the intensity of the color by adding several layers. Comment below and let me know what all-natural beauty products you have tried and like.

Watch the complete Free Friday LIVE video on how to enhance your lips without the toxins below.

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