Make Social Learning Stick

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

What do social & emotional learning, family rallying, and the big “Pivot” all have in common?

I had the honor of interviewing Elizabeth Sautter - she's a Speech-Language Pathologist, Entrepreneur, Supermom, and author of the book AND brand new online course, Make Social Learning Stick.

You’ll find that Elizabeth is an expert in Social & Emotional learning, but she's also an expert in something I like to call,

“The Pivot.” ⏎

So what happens when Social Learning isn’t happening appropriately, or even at all?

If you've ever been in a really awkward conversation or seen someone act inappropriately in a restaurant, you can get a grasp of its importance.

You may not realize this but May is Better Hearing & Speech Month so we are highlighting this topic for the entire month. Did you know that 1 out of 12 children ages 3-17 have a disorder related to voice, speech, language, or swallowing?

A communication disorder includes a child's voice that is too weak, hoarse, or strained, how a child speaks, problems making speech sounds or stuttering problems, or problems with how a child learns or understands words or sentences. A swallowing disorder means that the child has trouble swallowing foods or liquids for at least one week. These challenges also include how a child breathes, eats, or sleeps at night.

Only a little over HALF of those children received treatment in the past 12 months.

A: I noticed on your website that you are a “mother, sister, and cousin of those that have developmental disorders and/or learning differences." Talk about how being so involved in the lives of developmental and those who learn differently made you who you are today.

E: It started at birth, really and my parents noticed something going on with her. She was delayed in speech and language and was in special education throughout my whole life. Lots of teasing and I developed resiliency around that. I learned a lot about developmental needs and the stress that impacts on a family..... Frankly, if I hadn't had those experiences I wouldn't have...

A: Talk about how seeing these differences from these different perspectives played into the way you approach social learning.

E: Dr. Novak in got me interested by introducing me to the world of autism and then in graduated school I dived in to this area of behaviors and how they are forms of communication.

A: Talk to me about Social Learning.

E: Social learning/thinking is the nuance of being able to step in to someone else's shoes and realize they have thoughts that are different than yours. It's different than....

A: What are some examples of social learning parents should help their children learn to navigate.

E: I wrote a book for practical things for families to do at home, outside of our center. Simple activities like priming your child before running errands. I'm working on a 2nd edition that will help families ....

A: How have you and your family had to PIVOT during this time of social distancing?? What is your best advice for someone who is wondering how to change the way they do business during these strange times?

E: We've been sharing lots of free content for our community via our website during this time. We also had some scary moments with our other company Communication Works, getting distance learning and teletherapy going, and so many transitions were needed....

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