Oil Spotlight: Grapefruit

Commonly known for its sour and tangy taste, grapefruit is the rotund, yellow-orange fruit of an evergreen citrus tree. Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the rind of this fruit and is cherished for its many uses and benefits.

💧The aroma of Grapefruit essential oil matches the citrus and fruity flavors of its origin and provides an invigorating and energizing aroma.

💧Diffused Grapefruit oil invokes a sense of clarity, and due to its main chemical component, limonine, can help to uplift mood.

💧With its powerful cleansing properties, Grapefruit oil is valued for its skin care benefits and ability to promote the appearance of clear, healthy-looking skin when applied topically.

💧When used internally, Grapefruit oil can help support a healthy metabolism.

Enjoy a soothing foot massage with Grapefruit oil. It will leave behind a light uplifting fragrance and is the perfect pick-me-up at the end of the week.

Add Grapefruit to your body scrubs and body wash to stimulate smooth and radiant skin. Enjoy the fruity and spry flavor of Grapefruit in your morning smoothie to support a healthy metabolism. In moments of distraction, diffuse Grapefruit to bring a sense of focus to the task at hand.

Children can also enjoy the aromatic benefits of Grapefruit with this DIY Alphabet Grapefruit Soap recipe.

For more uses and benefits of dōTERRA Grapefruit oil, read the Product Spotlight here!

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