Switch On Your Brain!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Let's face it... Your Toxic Thoughts are Killing You ... literally! ☠️

Have you ever felt like you're a victim of your biology? Like your family's genetics are doomed for sickness? Are you tired of your thoughts tearing you down? You wouldn’t let someone else talk to you the way you do. You want your thoughts to help you, not tear you down.

I have... AND sometimes I've felt like the negative tape running in my head will never end -- BUT you want your thoughts to help you, not tear you down.

Yep. In today’s Masterclass, we’re going to look at 3 keys to transforming your thoughts and your life. TOGETHER.

How many of you are sitting at home thinking, “I need to fix my thoughts”? I want you to tell me on a scale of 1-10 how much you want to start controlling your thoughts and the direction of your life in the comments!

You’ve allowed negative thinking to take its toll on your life for long enough. Up until today, you’ve allowed your negative thoughts to run away from you. As a mom, I know you worry about passing along negative thinking to your kids, or if they are doomed to suffer at the hand of your genetics. AND as a business owner in the health space, you can't to your genes or your feelings because it impacts your bottom dollar. And nobody wants to be around negative people. Instead, you want to achieve the goals you are setting for 2020. Well, I’ve got good news, science and scripture show that your mind is in control of your brain. In other words, you get to decide what your brain says.

Let’s look at the first ray of hope in your life today:

1: Your mind is in control of your brain.

Scientific research has shown that your thoughts LITERALLY create matter in your brain, and that positive thinking puts your brain in a state where it is healthier. But did you know that the Bible has been teaching this for literally thousands of years? In the 2nd Book of Corinthians in the New Testament of the Bible, it says that we should “take every thought captive”. In other words, we have the capacity to control our thinking. In the same way, Proverbs 4:23 says to be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.

2: Your choices physically change your brain.

Once again, the scientific study of neuroplasticity shows that we can remap our brains just by changing our thinking. In the Bible Romans 12:2 says that we should “be transformed by the renewing our minds.”

3: The hope in all this?

Through training, you can begin to control your thoughts, which will change the trajectory of your thinking and your overall health. All of this can be found in Dr. Caroline Leaf's life-changing book, Switch on Your Brain.

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your life? Join us here for our online book course!  We’ve all suffered through those days where our thoughts were so toxic that we didn’t want to get out of bed. But along with the 35 years of scientific research from Dr. Caroline Leaf, we are going to offer you a chance to get in on the front end of a potentially life-changing book club inside a private FB group.

This group is for you if you’re: ✔︎Feeling like that negative tape in your head won't stop playing ✔︎Struggling to get those critical thoughts under control ✔︎Science-minded and love to learn proof that this works ✔︎Seeing that "being positive" isn't working ✔︎Wanting to know what the Bible says about all of this "toxic thoughts" mumbo jumbo ✔︎Wanting to control the direction of your life but not sure where to start

Over the course of 5 weeks we'll be delivering: 🧠Access to a 21-day brain detox challenge designed to help you upgrade to a toxic free mind. 🧠Special giveaways! 🧠Weekly Facebook Lives featuring Jim Miller, Wellness Advocate, Pastor & Coach and Amy Miller, Wellness Advocate and Speech-Language Pathologist. 🧠Daily inspiration and support 🧠BONUS content: Helping Your Kids Implement a Growth Mindset Map Your Purpose Worksheet & Much More!

Because we are still working on this online book club course we’re going to give you a chance to reserve a limited seat at a price ($27) that’s greatly discounted versus the course after it goes live. We aren't going to begin charging yet, but when the course is prepped we will reach out to the people that reserved their seat to let them know to log in and where the virtual meetings will take place.

You may be asking why we're charging for an online book club, which is a great question. The material we're going to cover in this course is life-changing, but only if you put in the effort. The money we're charging is to help you be accountable to YOURSELF by investing in your success. Let’s face it, you’re going to be more likely to do this right if you’ve got a little skin in the game. So, if you’re ready to switch on your brain and control the direction of your life, reserve your space by clicking here.

You can watch the full video below: