The Best Kept Secrets of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender. It's in everything, isn't it??? 🧼🧴🕯

Soaps, lotions, creams, candles, and even essential oils -- but what's the hype about anyway?? 

You don't even like floral smells, 🌸 but there is an intrigue to why everybody keeps talking about this stuff. You just want to know if there's any benefit to this -- for real - minus the hype. 

Today…. I’m going to share with you REAL science, REAL stories, and REAL everyday uses that go beyond the aroma and into the medicinal realm.

As an educated mom, you're open to new things, and exploring the possibilities that are out there, but you don't want to waste your money on stuff that doesn't work - AND - you certainly don't have time to research every different product that’s out there, especially with all the misleading marketing that’s going on right now.  

SO… If you're ready to explore new possibilities for your family's everyday needs -OR- find new uses for the lavender you already have in your home, let me know!


If you ever got a headache walking down the dryer sheet aisle in the grocery store then there is something really important for you to know: This Lavender is different from lavender-scented things you’ve smelled before. Lavender is really easy to grow or create synthetically (in other words, making a fake version in a lab). You can grow it in your backyard, on the side of the highway, or even make a fake version that has similar smells. BUT - when you go to Bulgaria to get lavender as doTERRA does, you start to see some vital differences in the lavender depending on where the plant was grown. The soil in Bulgaria was MADE to grow lavender! So they don’t need chemicals and pesticides, and also the plants are more potent and have a higher ester count - all this means that they don’t just smell nice, they will actually work on a cellular level in your body.

doTERRA's lavender is a sweet, floral, and herbaceous scent with a balsamic, woody undertone.

The ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated Lavender for its perfume and for its cleansing properties. They lavished it upon their bodies in scented soaps and baths, and during weddings and celebrations, they had the flowers strewn on the floors so that when stepped on them the fragrance was released. In sick rooms, they used lavender to improve the fragrance and relax the patient. Some even considered Lavender an aphrodisiac.

For centuries, Lavender was a remedy for all types of ailments. Women relied on Lavender to keep their skin clean, clear, soft, and supple. Lavender was used in smelling salts, in linen closets, scented lingerie drawers, and even protected clothing from moths and insects. During World Wars I and II, Korean War, and in VietNam soldiers and medics carried Lavender oil with them onto the battlefields for wounds and soothing fears as well as for those in pain.

Lavender is made up of linalyl acetate (a fancy word for chemicals that have a calming effect), linalool (soothing), and ocimene (cleansing).

If you use it on a bruise, lavender will help bring circulation to the area to promote the healing process, but if you apply it to a cut, it will help with coagulation. This means that it's very adaptogenic - another fancy word that means that somehow lavender helps your body do what it needs at the moment. 

If you’ve researched lavender before, or even if you're just on Facebook much, you have heard stories that using lavender is going to *ahem* change your son’s anatomy. The claim that Lavender essential oil will cause gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue in males) or other hormone issues is not based on sound science. As far as the legitimate scientific literature has been able to demonstrate lavender oil does not affect hormone levels. In other words, it won’t make your son’s chest grow. Or anyone’s for that matter.  

Because doTERRA’s essential oils are composed of only pure, volatile, aromatic compounds, they do not contain estrogen, phytoestrogens, or other hormones. Appropriate use of dōTERRA essential oils will not cause any negative hormone issues. In fact, many essential oils have been studied for their positive effects on hormone balance and health.

Lavender, L-Theanine & Sleep


While science can be very convincing, we always feel like it’s helpful to hear some real-life stories about people’s experiences. In the seven years, we’ve been using doTERRA essential oils we’ve had too many stories to count of times that essential oils have saved the day. But we’ve also had the benefit of seeing one testimonial after another of people in our oil using community that has seen essential oils do things they never would have imagined prior to doTERRA. Let’s take a minute to let some of our friends share their experiences. 

"I just started using oils. I am still pretty skeptical, to be honest, but wanting to try natural remedies! The last 2 nights I've put Lavender on my kids before bed and they are completely asleep shortly after. One of my sons has always had a terrible time falling asleep- with or without a daytime nap- he would be awake in his bed sometimes until 10:30 PM. My daughter also has trouble falling asleep and they both are completely zonked an hour after we put them down. Not to mention- they love having me rub the oil on their feet:)"

Nikki, CA

"I burned my finger on the oven rack when I was pulling something out. Immediately I ran cold water over the bubble of skin that popped up and then applied lavender. I applied it every 15 minutes for the first hour. When I went to do dishes in hot water an hour later I flinched at the thought of how bad that was going to hurt my finger! To my surprise, zero pain at all! I continued applying lavender every few hours. When I woke up the next morning I went to apply lavender and the bubble of skin flaked off with beautiful skin underneath! I was amazed and ever so thankful!" Farrah C, OR

"By the time I got some oils to my friend, she had already been suffering from pollen for weeks & was miserable. I made up a rollerball of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint and suggested she use it twice a day for a couple of weeks until she can get on top of it. Since we started a little late in the season, I expected it to take about a week before she saw a significant difference. I checked in with her today, and discovered that she experienced relief within two days, just rolling it on the back of her neck!  She said 'No more going through a half box of tissues a day!’" - Michelle, CA


All the success stories are great, but let’s talk about the practical aspect of how to use the oils each day. 

Lavender is useful in so many ways that you find it in several different blends that doTERRA offers. Serenity Restful Blend, Aromatouch Massage Blend, Peace Reassuring Blend, Calmer (Kids) Restful Blend, Rescuer (Kids) Soothing Blend, and the TriEase Seasonal Blend. 


When you want to bring calm to the house, or to yourself - put it in your diffuser or rub it in your hands so that you get the beneficial smell of the oil. Because it is tied directly to your brain’s limbic system, your nasal passages are the quickest way to affect your mood. 

TOPICAL USE (touch):

If you’ve got little ones that get bumps or skin irritations, apply this and it will soothe their skin and subdue their itchiness. 

Apply to the bottoms of the feet of your little (or YOURSELF) when you have a hard time getting to sleep and watch the trouble sleeping melt away. 


Add this to your sweet dish - like cupcakes. It adds a unique twist AND it will calm down a citrus flavor. A few years ago we enjoyed our first chocolate flavored with doTERRA’s lavender and it was shocking how delicious it was. It’s made us more adventurous with using oils in our cooking. 

You are going to use your Lavender when:

  • You need to relax

  • You’ve gotten too close to that hot pan in the kitchen

  • You need relief from your seasonal threats like pollen, grass, and their friends

This is why we call it the “swiss army knife” of your oils

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