The Best Kept Secrets of Lemon Essential Oil

It's those little annoyances... the stickers on the glass, the stickers from the kids.... 🤦🏻‍♀️

... the PERM MARKER from the kids (or yourself).. 😱

.. the gum on the shoe...👟 or the grease that just won't come off.

It's the little things that all pile up... BUT....

What if...

you had a simple tool - so simple that it was straight from a lemon rind, 🍋that could take care of all those things AND would lift your spirits amidst the frustration? AND it cost you less than the frustration and stuff you are currently using to solve those annoyances?! 😳

Yeah, I'm going to share with you all the little secrets of lemon essential oil today, that will CLEAN your entire life....

... AND lift your mood during the whole process - WIN-WIN! 🙌🏼

Who has had one of those annoyances this week?

BUT what's the hype about these essential oils, anyway?? Can't you get the same results with some Goo Gone, a lemon wedge, and a Glade Plug-in?!

Nope. And I'm going to give you REAL science, REAL stories, and REAL everyday stuff answers that go beyond the aroma and into the medicinal realm. 🙌🏻

Wait a minute, though.... You are an educated woman who knows her stuff and you are used to what works. You are not about to waste your money on stuff that doesn't work - AND - you certainly don't have time to do all that research to try to find out what's best.

BUT... you are open-minded with new things and exploring the possibilities that are out there.

SO... are you ready to explore new possibilities for your family's everyday needs or you're even trying to find NEW uses for the lemon essential oil you already have in your home?

Let's dive in to.....


The main chemical constituents of Lemon essential oil are limonene (cleansing, uplifting), alpha-pinene (immune support), y-terpinene (cleansing). There are over 1500 published studies about the benefits of lemon and 77 human clinical trials. You can find them on or simply through

dōTERRA's is sourced in Brazil & Italy and cold-pressed from the rind of the lemon. Why is this important? Because the soil, rainfall, climate for lemons are ideal in Brazil & Italy and it produces a lemon rind that has specific health benefits - benefits that we want.

These are the kinds of questions you want to ask before using an essential oil -

  • where is it sourced? in its native environment?

  • how is it sourced? sustainably, ethically?

  • who is the middleman/broker? ideally, none - directly from the farmer

  • how is it tested?

  • how many tests?

  • 3rd party testing



I asked a few in our community what they use Lemon oil for and this is what they had to say:

Lydia "I love using lemon for my water, baking, cooking, and cleaning."

Amber "Diffuses it, cooks with it, bakes with it, drinks it in her water, and uses it in a ton of blends."

Shelly "Love me some lemon... got it in my water, rub it on my ankles when they swell. I also take it with lavender and peppermint for occasional head tension and seasonal threats. I love cleaning with it!"

Cheryl "I got some sticker residue on my nails the other day and grabbed lemon to remove it. Super easy and smelled yummy!"

Dara "Her 4 yr old was using Lemon layered on top of Vetiver in the mornings on her feet and she started hearing more sentences and focus from her 4 yr old. She is happier to be communicating with us! She loves it and now wants to talk more."

REAL (every day) USES

All the success stories are great, but let’s talk about the practical ways to use lemon oil each day. 

This is one of the most used oils in homes around the world as it will solve issues in your home from cleaning and removing stickers, to lifting the mood in the air, and cleansing the liver when you drink it. Cleansing and uplifting, Lemon is a staple you need!  Assists in balance PH reduces congestion and mucus, relieve allergies, and runny nose. Lemon is also great for helping concentration.

You can't get the same results from some Goo Gone, a lemon wedge, and a Glade plugin. Why? The Goo Gone has toxic ingredients that you don't want to breathe or absorbing into your skin, the lemon wedge will not have the same health benefits as the essential oil as it comes from a different part of the plant and the Glade plug-in is also toxic ingredients to breathe in, damaging your respiratory system.

INTERNAL USE: 1 drop per 8 ounces in a glass or stainless steel container. Lemon is really supportive of your liver. This is a gentle detoxifier and cleanses your system. It also assists in the PH balance of your body.

AROMATIC USE: Put a drop in your hand and breathe in. Diffuse with Rosemary and Peppermint for laser focus.

TOPICAL USE: Great for cleaning! You can make lemon scrub (baking soda, coconut oil and lemon oil), glass cleaner (lemon oil and vinegar), degreaser (lemon oil, lime oil, dishwashing soap and water). More cleaning ideas can be found here.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use lemon:

Watch the full video here: