The Best Kept Secrets Of Peppermint Essential Oil

It's that little lingering tension that won't let go. 🤕

It's that summer heat that leaves your body glistening and begging to go inside - or maybe it's even keeping you from enjoying nature! 🥵

It's wondering if your bad breath is keeping them at bay. Or wishing there something you could use instead of XYZ to help when the thermometer starts climbing.  🤐

In walks our hero - Peppermint (essential oil) - and all those issues drift away in an instant.

BUT what's the hype about these essential oils, anyway?? Can't you get the same results with an Advil and a breath mint?!

Today, I'm going to share with you REAL science, REAL stories, and REAL everyday uses that go beyond the aroma and into the medicinal realm. 🙌🏻

Have you bought a product before that didn’t live up to the hype??

As an educated mom, you're open to new things, and exploring the possibilities that are out there, but you don't want to waste your money on stuff that doesn't work - AND - you certainly don't have time to research every different product that’s out there, especially with all the misleading marketing that’s going on right now.  

SO… If you're ready to explore new possibilities for your family's everyday needs -OR- find new uses for the peppermint you already have in your home, let me know!

Here's what I can do with my Peppermint. I’ll put a drop in my palm, dip my finger in it and press it to the roof of my mouth. I just freshened my breath, addressed head and tummy issues, and gave myself a burst of energy. Now I’ll rub my hands together and cover my nose and mouth to take 5 breaths. I can feel my airways opening and my brain fog clearing. Now I’m ready to be super focused on teaching you more about this amazing plant! Finally, I’ll rub my hands on the back of my neck and shoulders to release any tension I’m hanging on to. Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds, which just means they are smelly things that come from plants! Each one has different natural effects on your body and, when pure, they are very potent. Just one drop of this doTERRA peppermint essential oil is as effective as 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Let's talk about some of the science behind WHY all of this is happening....


VERY POWERFUL (cooling, expectorant, stimulating and invigorating, warming)

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) belongs to the Mentha genus. An important part of a cell’s molecular machinery is the microRNAs that regulate the expression of genes. The microRNAs have the ability to turn on and off a gene. Genes are segments of DNA that contain the code to create proteins. It is proteins that make useful by-products in the cell, from vitamins and sugars to essential oils in certain plants. Peppermint helps to increase blood flow to the sinuses (which typically has a low blood flow), to allow you to drop any mucus out of the sinus membrane as well.

There are over 13 pages of studies that have been done on Peppermint essential oil listed on!

Studies done on Peppermint and its effect on athletic performance, its effect on digestive discomforts in children (capsules), post-op nausea, and even its effects on driving alertness. It can be overwhelming to review this much research and science on an oil like peppermint so I'll be including those in the show notes so you can access them more easily later.


Yesterday evening when I got my lovely pregnant headache, I rubbed peppermint oil on my temples, forehead, and neck. Headache was gone in less than 5 min. FAST. And, it didn't come back.

Kirsten, TX

Peppermint for the win!!!!! We have recently had an influx of ants moving into the house. So I placed cotton balls with about 8-10 drops of peppermint on them in the areas where there were large groups of ants and right by their entry point. Within an hour they were gone!!!!! I swear by peppermint as ant repellent!!!!


So my 5-year-old has some trouble going to the bathroom at times. He was having trouble going this evening... and I had ah-ha moment to put peppermint oil in the toilet... I kid you not - within 3-4 minutes he pooped. Win for oils!

Tiffany, PA


All the success stories are great, but let’s talk about the practical aspect of how to use the oils each day. 

What about Peppermint and breastfeeding?

Not all moms are affected by the peppermint, but it can affect milk supply for some moms so it's something to be aware of. For me, I was very sensitive and even blends that had peppermint in it affected my supply. However, my milk supply wasn't affected until after a week of continuous use.... and even then, I was able to regain my supply with different oils. Now, if you find that you are sensitive to the peppermint or you just don't want to take the chance of reducing your supply, there are several oils that can give you the benefits you are looking for - whether it's attention & focus, fresh breath, releasing the tension, opening airways - there are alternative oils. Reach out to your Wellness Advocate for suggestions.

Peppermint is useful in so many ways that you find it in MANY different blends that doTERRA offers. DigestZen Blend, Deep Blue Soothing Blend, Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend, Aromatouch Massage Blend, Breathe Respiratory Blend, PastTense Tension Blend, Motivate Encouraging Blend, Thinker Focus Blend, Align Centering Blend - whew!


When you want to bring attention and alertness to the house, or to yourself - put it in your diffuser or rub it in your hands so that you get the beneficial smell of the oil. Because it is tied directly to your brain’s limbic system, your nasal passages are the quickest way to affect your mood. 

VERY POWERFUL oil so you just need 1 drop when you do this:

  • cup hands and breathe when you need to open up airways and just BREATHE

  • if you need a pick me up after that afternoon slump - pair it with Wild Orange and be energized


Topically:  (can be strong for those with sensitive skin)

  • MOMS - If you are breastfeeding or need to decrease your milk supply following pregnancy, you can apply this topically to the tissue area and/ - or - internally in a capsule

  • loss of the sense of smell? can apply diluted to the bridge of the nose

  • got a headache? *CARRY WITH YOU* Apply this to your temples, back of the neck  - catch it at the first sign, the better

  • Tummy doesn’t feel well after eating too much? Rub it on your tummy for some relief.


  • recently have gamma radiation exposure? - take in a capsule to give you some antioxidant support after the exposure

  • tummy aches or nausea? can also take this in a capsule

  • bad breath? Gargle & swish with a drop - or even put a drop on your toothpaste

You are going to use your Peppermint when:

  • You need to get and stay focused

  • You’ve had a little too much to eat or feeling nauseous

  • You need to cool off!

  • You need fresh breath

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