The Big Six Emotions & How to Return to Joy Just Like in the Inside Out Movie

Fear... check.

Anger.... check.

Disgust...... ✅✅✅.

Now you're STUCK here, but how do you get out? How do you get *UN*stuck

If you are going through one of the six big emotions you're not really in a place to... well, to do much of anything of value.

✨Today, I'm sharing with you specific steps that will help you move from one of the six big emotions to a state of joy so that you can get your life back and experience lasting emotional wellness. ✨

How many of you have seen the Inside Out movie?

We have talked before about TRUE CHANGE - that comes from the inside out. That unless we experience freedom in our spiritual life, addressing the other areas will just act as a bandaid. Jesus is the only one who brings true, lasting change.

Anyone experience the big SIX emotions this week - maybe even this morning?? Yes?

While some parts of your life have begun to look more like a bad movie😞😡, your kids aren't going to let you off the hook. You still have to show up and get things done, parent your kids, serve your clients, and be a productive part of your community, so let's look at some tools that can help you move from emotionally struggling and back to joy.

Ready to take back control of your emotions?

What do you think about this statement: "You can't be spiritually mature unless you are emotionally mature."?

Have you ever been STUCK in one of these? What was that like? - (comment below)

"You can't be spiritually mature unless you are emotionally mature," The Bible says "They will know us by our love". - We can't be loving God or others when we get STUCK in on one of these BIG SIX emotions.

Let's talk about it this way:

The right side of the brain (also known as the "feeling" brain) works faster than the left side of the brain (also known as the "thinking brain"). So you experience emotions BEFORE you are thinking it through. We talked about this concept on a previous Free Friday about protecting our children's brains and pornography - and we talked a bit about this.

The amygdala of our brain is responsible for deciding if we are in a fight, flight, or freeze mode. We physically cannot operate out of love when we are operating out of the amygdala. Literally, our relational circuits have been turned OFF. If our relational circuits are off, the best way to get them back on and get the two "brains" back in sync is through APPRECIATION or GRATITUDE.

Think about the 2nd greatest commandment God ever gave - "Love your neighbor as yourself." We are not able to love other people when we are operating out of the big SIX - our relational circuits in our brain have shut off.

So how do we get unstuck?

Return to JOY?

1st - "The thing is not the thing."

We, as Christians, are called to regulate these emotions by the power of the Holy Spirit. That's God's Spirit that lives within every person who has given their lives to Jesus.

  1. Recognize we are experiencing a big emotion - call it out! Let's not deny the existence of the emotion

  2. Get perspective. Be open to the possibility that we can be out of it.

  3. Invite God into the situation. He exists and He cares - can be simply "God, would you help me?"

  4. Give appreciation or gratitude.

  5. Remember a story of how you were able to recover from a big emotion. It gives us hope.

  6. Name the emotion and share it with someone else.

When you tell YOUR story to others at least three times, it synchronizes the left & right brain!

A mature person can return to normal flow in 90 seconds! They have regulated the "sadness" and they've seen the emotion as an opportunity to grow. I invite you this week to think of a time you experienced one of the big SIX and how you returned to joy. - Share it with someone. Ideally, write it out first so you can stay succinct and not go on and on with your story. (Try not to make it super intense so that others aren't uncomfortable.)

I'm going to share my own story of FEAR below. It's a simple one, but it shows you these steps and how I returned to joy.

Click the video below for the full story...