The Buzz That’s Legal in all 50 States

I want to talk about one of my new favorite oils -- Copaiba Essential Oil. This oil is derived from the resin of the copaiba tree which is found in tropical South America and has been used since the 16th century. The main chemical component of Copaiba is the cannabinoid betacaryophyllene, or BCP, but it does NOT affect the body like the psychoactive cannabinoids in marijuana. Copaiba is 100% drug free, safe, non-addictive and 100% legal in all 50 states. It is the buzz that’s legal!!

Copaiba has some amazing benefits -- pain relief from chronic conditions, provides support for your cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems, helps with oral health, muscles, bones, emotional balance, and your skin.

But it’s not just for people! Here is a testimony Teresa shared about using Copaiba on her Yorkie. “My little Yorkie (9 pounds) has been favoring her back leg for weeks. I suspect it is hip issues because I haven't found anything in her foot. Yesterday, I started putting a drop of Copaiba mixed with three drops of FCO on her whole hip. I did it about 6 times yesterday and once this morning. When I got home from work, she was not limping at all. She is very happy, too.”

I personally like to add a drop under my tongue each morning to keep my body healthy and strong. I don't mind the taste of it and like the calm feeling it gives me and just knowing that I'm helping my body and my cells to stay strong. I also take a Copaiba softgel each night before bed for calmness and for sleep. There are so many ways you can use Copaiba essential oil and the softgels in your daily routine to support your whole body.

What is a cannabinoid? Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that can affect the CB1 or CB2 receptors in your nervous system. CB refers to Cannabinoid. Our bodies, it turns out, were designed to receive cannabinoids, and they produce their own in smaller measure.

You’ve probably heard of cannabis oil and marijuana which are illegal due to their highly addictive nature. They connect with your CB1 receptor in your body, and while they heal, they also come with psychological issues and addictions.

What makes Copaiba different? Copaiba interacts directly with CB2 receptors, which leads to many health benefits without bonding with the CB1 receptor, which prevents addiction. While all true hemp and marijuana family plants have varying amounts of THC which could be flagged in drug screens, copaiba is in a different plant family and has none, ever.

Want to know more about this oil and how to use it? Check out our Free Friday LIVE video on The Buzz That’s Legal in all 50 states.

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