The Power of Touch

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I'm missing face-to-face, physical connection with others and you are too. We are on Day 30-something of staying home to help save lives, but it feels like Day 200-something and YOU. ARE. DONE.

Am I right?! What day is this for you?

Stay with me, because I have something that has the ability to turn the situation around with the POWER OF TOUCH, even if you live by yourself.

AND, I'm going to share my good friend and massage therapist, Jeri Grimes, who will be joining us to bring it all together for you. ♥️

💆🏻‍♀️Did somebody say MASSAGE?! That's right.

How many of you love a good massage??

I know there's only so many ZOOMs, Marco Polos, voice texts, distance waves you can do before really getting in a negative zone. You're too alone with your thoughts. My huggers know it best, but even you introverts and homebodies are starting to feel the lack of connection on a deeper level.

You are in for a treat with Jeri! She is all heart and her love for others crosses all technology and she will make you feel loved on. PLUS, her knowledge of the body, massage, and how to find ways to relax AND CONNECT with others right now will fill your cup! BONUS -- you'll learn a new way to support your immune system in the process! SCORE!

Isolation can have negative effects not only on your psyche but also your immune system and more. So, if you're ready to turn this situation around, to feel loved on, to feel more bonded with others, all with the POWER OF TOUCH check out my interview with my good friend and massage therapist, Jeri Grimes!

In the above interview, we talked about Symphony of the Cells and how you can use it to touch, connect and support your body's systems.

What is SOC?

Very powerful process of massaging a series of specific oils to the back and feet.

Why back and feet? Those are where the nerve endings are to affect the entire body

3 Key Foundations that are already assumed:

Lifelong Vitality supplements , digestive enzymes, citrus oils in your water - daily routine


Lifelong Vitality - at the very core, you must be providing your body with daily antioxidants, detox, cellular support, Omega-3s, essential vitamins & nutrients

Terrazyme digestive enzymes - digest & absorb the nutrients you are eating - if you are over 30 and reading this - this is a daily must (ask any healthcare professional who is trained in digestion and nutrition)

Tangerine, Lemon, Grapefruit, Wild Orange, Lime, Green Mandarin - high in Limonene - flushing out toxins from the body

What do you need?



carrier oil

friend/family member

How long? 15-20 minutes

Environment - dim lights, music (optional)

Back exposed, feet exposed

How often?

Proactive approach 2-3x/month

Current Condition 2-3x/week