The Secret to Helping Your Kids Stay Healthy this School Year

So, you've officially started the school year, and now what? I mean, how long is this going to last? ⏰ 

How can I just keep everyone healthy✔︎ and sane✔︎ this year? 

Today, I'm going to share with you FOUR simple shifts you can make right now to make this school year healthier than the year before, AND keep everyone sane.😍 

What's your biggest concern with your kids going "back" to school this year? What are some of the tricks you plan to use in order to stay healthy this year? 

As a parent, you are working hard to make the best decisions for your family - and those aren't easy. And let's face it - you don't have time -or the wherewithal- to do this alone! 🙅‍♀️ 

As a woman that’s educated,  and that takes care of your family, you’re not going to run and hide forever. You aren’t up for the “new normal”, you’re ready to get back to l the "true normal." But you’d also like a little guidance to make sure you do things the right way. 

Now, just to be clear, I’m not here to tell you that the virus isn’t real and that it’s not serious. I’m also not here to tell you that you shouldn’t take precautions. What I’m here to do today is to show you some things that ANYONE can do to protect themselves and to strengthen their immune system. So let's do this TOGETHER. Are you ready to take hold of this school year as an OVERCOMER? Then let’s get started.


Your body was designed to move, and this is especially true of our kids. But did you know that moving your body is an extremely effective way to protect it from getting sick? 

Let's look at what the DATA shows: A study at Appalachian State University showed that simply going for a walk - causes a boost in immune system parameters, specifically natural killer cell blood counts - why does this matter??  A brand new peer-reviewed journal, Medical Hypotheses showed that on average people with lower levels of natural killer blood counts had higher mortality rates with COVID & worse infections. We are not victims here. You can change the course of your own body's immune system response by going for a walk!

How many of you have been told to "stay inside"? But the very act of letting your kids run outside and play is going to help them stay healthy!!!


When was the last time you heard someone talk about how important it is to reduce stress to help yourself stay healthy? Those who do not manage stressors and emotions in healthy ways have lower natural killer cell (NKC) activity. On the World Health Organization (WHO)'s very own website shows that influenza kills 650,000 people per year, and most have some kind of co-morbidities. Why are we not trying to get ourselves HEALTHIER? I encourage you to go to their website and look at the numbers.

If your kids are scared because of what’s being said about the virus, if they are sensing anger about the civil unrest in the world, if they feel hopeless about the future, their bodies will be weaker when they come into contact with ANY type of illness. 

So take some time to help them process the things around them. Point them in the direction of hope, peace, and reconciliation. Give them tools and resources to deal with their stress, and give them a voice. 

And as a reminder, you cannot experience true peace without being spiritually healthy. 

It's time to be honest with ourselves, score yourself in how you’re helping your kids handle things. 

3 - REST 

What are some of the ways you’re helping your kids get quality sleep? 

Sleep greatly affects our immune system. "Over the last 15 years, research following a systems approach of neuroimmunology has accumulated surprisingly strong evidence that sleep enhances immune defense, in agreement with the popular wisdom that ‘sleep helps healing’." Check out the full article here.

Why are we not talking about THIS???

Here are a few things you can do to help your kids get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. 

  • Have a regular bedtime routine - you knew it was true when they were babies, but it hasn’t changed now that they’re older

  • Turn off the devices 2 hours before bedtime

  • Keep their room dark. If they need a night-light, make sure it is red or dark orange. Blue light will reduce the cortisol in their brain, making it harder for them to go to sleep.

  • Maintain a cool temperature in their room. 68 degrees is ideal. 

If this is an area, you need to improve your body's score, tell me below and I'll share my favorite sleep expert with you! WHO is telling you how you can allow your body to do what it was DESIGNED TO DO -- which is heal itself?????

COVID20, 21, 22 are coming....

4 - NUTRITION - How are your kids doing here? 

I know it’s tough with kids, especially because some are less likely to want to eat healthy foods. And if you’re stressed for time then making a healthy breakfast and packing a healthy lunch are even more difficult. But a healthy meal will have an enormous impact on your kid's overall ability to fight off disease and infection. 

When was the last time you heard a doctor - or -  through the MSM that taking in high-quality nutrient-dense foods and whole food-based supplementation would help your body's immune response?

Propolis contains over 300 active compounds - the majority of these compounds are forms of polyphenols. - Polyphenols are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body. It's a well-noted immuno-modulator that increases the body's resistance to infection - specifically lung-related issues.

Source 1

Source 2

Who knows how you can up your intake of propolis and polyphenols?? Anyone? Bueller? Here’s a little clue - your kids probably love it with peanut butter, or in their oatmeal. 

Propolis is in raw honey

I'm a huge fan of eating clean - a variety of nutrient-dense food - food that gives me a lot of bang for my buck and supplements that are bioavailable - meaning they process in the body like FOOD (not synthetic)  - things that have clinical evidence that prove their effectiveness. Why do it or consume it if it doesn't WORK??!! Whole. Real. Foods. When it comes to feeding our kids, this is going to play out in giving them a variety of foods including raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables. But just as important is going to be cutting out things like processed foods and refined sugars. As tempting as it is to give them a Lunchable, putting some hunks of real meat, a couple of pieces of cheese, and a Siete tortilla in their lunchbox is going to help them stay healthier. 

The secrets really aren't secrets at all, but great reminders. Which one of these areas do you need to create a shift for your kids to have an even healthier school year than the year before?

Watch the full video below and keep scrolling for some of my favorite kid-friendly recipes!

Here are a few snack or lunch ideas that will fill your kids up with the good stuff but they will LOVE!

Here is the Daily Immune System Routine I promised you as well:

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