Three Simple R's for Happy, Healthy Kids

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

You may not realize this but May is Better Hearing & Speech Month so we are highlighting this topic for the rest of this month. Did you know that 1 out of 12 children ages 3-17 have a disorder in related to voice, speech, language, or swallowing?

*A communication disorder includes a child's voice that is too weak, hoarse, or strained, how a child speaks, problems making speech sounds or stuttering problems or problems with how a child learns or understands words or sentences. A swallowing disorder means that the child has trouble swallowing foods or liquids for at least one week. These challenges also include how a child breathes, eats or sleeps at night.

Only a little over HALF of those children received treatment in the past 12 months.

This is one of the reasons we want to bring this topic to the forefront and help YOU begin to recognize these things BEFORE this time frame - as you will come to see, early intervention is key.

Today we are joined by special guest Kerry Maguire Mazzola, MA, CCC, an Integrative Speech-Language Pathologist, Nutrition Health Coach, Entrepreneur, and supermom to three kids five and under. Kerry is going to share some golden nuggets to set your family up for success. 🌟

As a mom, you feel like there is no one that can help answer your questions, or even TRULY understands what you're going through. 🥀

When Kerry started to feel like her own kids were having issues that weren't going away, she didn't know where to turn... so she went back to school to learn how to help them. 🙌🏻

Now she's passionate about using her simple "Three R's" process to give other moms, moms like you simple ways to help your kids heal, communicate, and grow into ...

healthy, happy kids.  Isn't that what we all want?! 🥰

A: First of all, Kerry, why speech pathology?

K: I was always known as the go-to "babysitter" growing up and I loved kids. I was fascinated with child development and the psychology part of it, so I was "sold" on speech pathology since I was 17 and I love it!

A: I noticed on your website you mentioned that you are "recovering my own kids’ health through diet and lifestyle choices". Tell me about what that means and how that's impacted who you are and what you do today.

K: My oldest is 5, turning 6. He was doing great until he started having reflux. The pediatrician acted like it wasn't a big deal and gave me a prescription. They told me he was colicky and I did my own research. I said, "what else can I do? Why is this happening? I soon discovered that if I changed my diet, it could help him so I removed gluten and dairy from my diet and he changed!

Then, at a year old, he started developing rashes even though I was still gluten and dairy free, but I started making shifts in products in my home with healthier, less toxic options and is rashes started going away.

My second child then started having apnea episodes. Here's what I discovered with him and his mouth breathing....

A: Communication and questions surrounding that can be super stressful for parents - the wondering and if their questions or concerns aren't validated, it's stressful. Mealtimes can be another really stressful time for parents of little ones. Talk to me about the 3 R's you help parents with, surrounding these challenges.

K: Mealtimes can be stressful especially fro picky eaters and the professionals would tell me I needed to get my kids eating kale. I know he should be doing that, but how? Here's how I helped myself AND my parents I work with - the 3 R's:

  • Replace - start slowly shifting the foods in a non-stressful way - stick with foods they like, but presenting it differently, or stick with similar textures

  • Reduce - stress can also be created by clutter and start by putting things away so that you can minimize. "Clear space, clear mind." Clear your calendar and simplify your life in that way.

  • Relax - Have fun with your life and focus on what your kids ARE doing instead of what they aren't doing yet. Try some affirmations or meditation so that they can be reminded of the positives.

A: How have you and your family had to PIVOT during this time of social distancing?? What is your best advice for someone who is wondering how to change the way they do business during these strange times?

K: Before all of this, I went into homes and helped families, but now happening, I've shifted more online and I'm coming into others' homes that way. I'm loving the shift. I love connecting with like-minded moms who are wanting to help their kids and shift nutrition. It's all new, but it's definitely do-able. When you have your family's fundamentals in line, we revolve it around our health and we figure it out. It's really exciting to venture into new territory.

Watch my full interview with Kerry below:

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