Turmeric Extract vs Turmeric Essential Oil

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

What’s the difference between Turmeric Extract and Essential Oil? Let’s talk about this difference and what this means for your health.

Turmeric Extract is from a root. The root is made up of 3 parts, curcuminoids, turmerones and other (water, proteins, carbs, minerals, fats, fiber). In turmeric extract you are only getting the curcuminoids. The extract has poor absorption, so it has rapid elimination. Turmeric Extract powder is in the Alpha CRS+ Supplements, it helps with great energy levels and feeling younger. It’s also in the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex and is helpful with head tension, inflammation in the body and pain.

Turmeric Essential Oil is steam distilled from the root and they can pull out the turmerones which easily cross cell membranes which the body can easily digest. This gives you increased antioxidants in your body, better cardiovascular health and it preserves brain function. Turmeric can help create new pathways for learning. You use 1-2 drops internally for cells and protection. Topically, you can use it to calm tissue irritation. doTERRA’s Turmeric is 50% Turmerones, no curcuminoids.

Here are a few testimonials:

“I was going on day 3 of tension in my neck from traveling which was also causing head discomfort. I was using oils for discomfort and tension, but it just wasn't enough. My friend suggested Turmeric and as my sister in law rubbed my neck with the turmeric, we both immediately felt the tension in my neck release!!! And I was finally free from the discomfort I'd felt for days! I was truly amazed with the speedy results!”

“Having chronic Lyme and Bartonella one of my symptoms is waking up with stiff feet. Copaiba took the edge off but since adding turmeric along with black pepper, pink pepper and Yarrow...I woke up one morning straight out of bed. I walked into the kitchen and was like...wait!!! I notice a difference if I miss it after three days.”

This is a supplement that is good to add to your daily health routine.

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