What are the Big Six Emotions & How Can They Help Us

Updated: Jan 14

One thing you learn traveling full-time is that you've got to be ready for anything.

Flat tire? Ready.

Window flies off the RV? Ready.

🤕 Boy needs stitches? Ready.

Back window of the truck shatters in a thousand pieces with the boys in the back seat? Ready. Sort of.

Huge emotional challenges? Ummm...

Today we'll talk about the Big Six Emotions and why they are for our benefit. 😢😡😞😱

How many of you have seen the Inside Out movie?

As someone that cares for your family you've always got bandaids with you, but what if the damage is not to your skin, but to your heart? 💔 What do you do if your child is ANGRY? 😡 What do you do if your husband is filled with SHAME? 😞 What do you do if your friend is experiencing DISGUST? 🤢

Are you ready to gain some insight into the Big Six emotions?

Yes? Let's dive in!

I've been on a spiritual journey since I was ten years old. Last year, I discovered some of the most powerful tools that I've ever come across in my life - for connecting with God on a deeply spiritual level - and as I learn about them, I'm sharing them with you!

It's possible to have a head full of facts & not know the TRUTH.

We have focused on other live videos about TRUE CHANGE - that comes from the inside out. That unless we experience freedom in our spiritual life, addressing the other areas will just act as a bandaid. Jesus is the only one who brings true, lasting change.

We've focused on breathing life into our spirit - where the foundation of our wellness lies. How to experience true, lasting change; a new way to experience Immanuel "God With Us" through interactive journaling, delving into attachment styles so that we can experience a true connection with others and NOW... naming the BIG SIX and what they can do for us.

Did you know that JOY is directly related to the quality of your relationships? Your intimacy?

How many of you know someone in your life like that? Head full of facts, but does not know the truth?

The right hemisphere of our brains were wired to experience each of these big SIX emotions:

  1. Sadness - "I lost some of my life."

  2. Anger - "I need to protect myself and make something stop."

  3. Fear - "I want to get away."

  4. Disgust - "This is not life-giving."

  5. Shame - "I'm not bringing you joy. You are not glad to be with me."

  6. Hopeless Despair "I lack the resources I need for this."

Here's the good news! God can use these for His purposes - for our good!

  1. Sadness - WHY? So we can develop compassion - "Jesus wept."

  2. Anger - dangerous, but it has the power to move you into ACTION or to intervene

  3. Fear - can save your life or another's

  4. Disgust - move us to disciple those who are immature (teach my boys to not be so disgusting!)

  5. Shame - healthy shame messages to other followers of Jesus - that is not how we act (bathed in love and compassion)

  6. Hopeless Despair - brings us to dependence on God "joy comes in the morning"

Anyone experience one or several of these bix six this week? Today, maybe?

We are called to regulate these emotions by the power of the Holy Spirit. That's God's Spirit that lives within every person who has given their lives to Jesus.

Let's not deny the existence of the emotion - call it out!

A mature brain can return to normal flow in 90 seconds! What?!

This person has learned to regulate the "sadness" and they see the emotion as an opportunity to grow. I invite you this week that as you experience one of the big six.... stop and call it out by name. "I'm feeling _______ right now". We'll talk next week about what to do if you find yourself STUCK in one of these emotions and how you can return to JOY. :)

Watch the complete video below: